Which Relationships Can We Expect To See In Australian Survivor: Blood V Water?

The Australian Survivor Gods have blessed our screens with an epic new season that will pin family members against each other - and we've got our popcorn ready.

In a season that will be filled with tears, backstabbing and scheming unlike before, Australia will watch as tight bonds crack or grow under the pressure of the game, answering the question: Is blood stronger than water?

We've collated all the relationships which will be put to the test in 2022, so keep reading to find out.


As we learnt from Shannon Guss in Australian Survivor Talking Tribal,  "we haven't  had in-laws" in Survivor US so for the first time, we'll witness the strength of sister and brother-in-laws as they work together, or apart to win the crown. 

Learn about our in-laws Chrissy & Croc and Alex & Jay.


A little sibling rivalry is healthy, but in the game of Survivor, it could be dangerous. Will they put their minds together to make it to the end, or will they betray each other?

Learn about our siblings Andy & Kate, Khanh & Amy, Jesse & Jordie and KJ & Sophie.

Identical Twins

They say twins have an extra special bond, which could give them a leg up in the game of Survivor. They could trick their way through the game with someone to trust by their side, or they may cut their other half in hopes to win the crown for themself.

Learn about our twins Mel & Michelle.


You can't choose your family, but you do choose your partner. Where other relationships could crumble, will the bond between two lovers endure?

Learn more about our couples Mark & Sam and Ben & Shayelle.


Everyone has that cousin who's their best friend, but even as playmates from a young age, they've never played a game like Survivor, where blindsides is at its core.

Learn about our cousins Jordan & Josh.

Parent & Daughter

There's nothing like the love of a parent, but daughters often rebel in hopes to prove that a mother doesn't always know best. Can we expect to see ultimate sacrifices and heart-breaking betrayals?

Learn about our father and daughter, David and Briana, and mother and daughter, Sandra & Nina.

Get ready for the game to begin when Australian Survivor: Blood V Water premiers on Monday 31st January at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.