‘Very, Very Frustrated’: Jordan Schmidt’s Game Unravels Due To A Hidden Advantage

Having played a strong social game all season and finding himself in a majority alliance, one cup of tea undid all of Jordan’s hard work.

Having made his way into the post-merge game as one of the last remaining duos with cousin Josh, Jordan had managed to place himself in the majority throughout the game. Staying strong in ‘OG Red’, and being reunited with Josh during the Tribe Swap, Jordan became a member of the core six alliance that had dominated the game following merge.

But all that was about to change as three players that had been voted out were able to win their place back in the game, promising to stir up as much trouble as possible.

“Watching a lot of Survivor… we were like alright, there’s three people on the jury, there has to be some sort of redemption,” Jordan told 10 play. “We were thinking about it like, what’s going to go on here?”

After the alliance voted out Shay, they expected to see her sitting on the Jury the next time they went to Tribal Council. But, like the next three players to be voted out of the game, Shay was in Purgatory waiting for a chance to win her place back in the game.

“It was hard to see Shay not sitting there because it takes a lot of work to get these guys out of the game,” Jordan admitted. “To get people out takes a lot of work and a lot of energy, so when they came back in you’re just mentally depleted. You’re very, very frustrated.”

On top of that, after returning to the game KJ found a hidden advantage during the Survivor auction when she won a pot of tea. Giving her the ability to send three players back to camp and out of Tribal Council, KJ split the core alliance leaving Sam and Jordan vulnerable.

“KJ was very stealth about it, no one saw anything but [it is] definitely frustrating when you not only get saved but then you get an advantage as well,” Jordan added, laughing. “People can say what they want, say we were boring as a tight six, but to hold your nerve as a six and absolutely decimate everyone is solid gameplay.”

While Jordan understands the need to make big moves, he said it was more important for the six to make it to the end, then the fun would begin.

“It would have been no holds barred and everyone would have been eating each other alive. That was the goal, to get to the six.”

With Jordan and Josh having strengthened their relationships with Chrissie and Dave, they felt like if they were able to survive Sunday night’s vote they could be in control of the game. But KJ’s advantage had other ideas.

The other hotly debated topic of recent tribal councils has been Sam’s Idol — the rumours that she was able to swindle it out of Jesse’s hands and into her own pocket were still being considered by her allies. While audiences sitting on their couch at home have been able to see the whole thing play out, Jordan said it wasn’t so crystal clear during the game.

After Jordan and Josh had spoken to Jordie about potentially going all the way in the game together, Jordie almost immediately tried to blindside Josh.

“[He] pretty much tried to stab us in the back,” Jordan laughed, “so his trust went out the window. After that, Sam and Mark could have sent Josh home so we were like, alright they’ve got our backs so we’re going to stay tight and be loyal with these guys.

“On the flip-side, Jesse is a very smart player so we were like, there’s no way Jesse would give Sam an Idol. We’ve got all these moving pieces,” he explained, “we trust Sam and Mark, we don’t trust Jordie and we don’t believe Jesse is silly enough to hand over an Idol, so we were just like, we’re going to have to ride the lightning here.”

During Tribal Council, as Sam leapt off her seat to scramble and whisper in the ears of those planning to vote her out, Jordan knew he was in trouble. Trying to convince Dave to stick with the alliance, Jordan again said he was frustrated at how his game ended.

“I’m a very competitive person and I’ve grown up with sport and we’re all about working hard, putting in effort and, to send three people home and then for them to get saved, have an advantage and me go home that way was pretty hard to cop,” he said.

Still, leaving Josh in the fight, Jordan said he felt like his game wasn’t quite over just yet.

“We’re a team, we’re a unit, we were going in there as a united front. As long as Josh is in there, I’m still playing. That’s how I see it! I fully support Josh and I want him to go the whole way.”

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