Trial By Fire Sees Ben Watson’s Torch Finally Snuffed

On Tuesday night, Ben had one more chance to fight for his place in the game.

After a botched blindside gave Ben the opportunity to get back to his tribe with a ‘clean slate’, he was aware the target on his back was still bigger than ever.

Working with Sam and Jesse to pull off a perfect blindside of Croc, that target got even bigger when Chrissy caught on to who was behind the move. Realising that Croc had attempted to save Ben, only for it to be the decision that cost him the game, Chrissy was out for revenge.

But it wasn’t clear if Jesse and Sam were going to stick with their newfound alliance with Ben or if his head was once again on the chopping block.

In a twist, Jonathan revealed that only two players would have immunity as both tribes went to Tribal Council, each voting for someone to be voted out.

But when Ben tried to push Khanh into playing his very public hidden Immunity Idol, it seemed like his tribe realised he wasn’t done stirring the pot.

With Sam sending a pretty transparent signal to Chrissy on how she planned to vote after speaking about rebuilding broken trust, Ben once again found his name pulled from the urn more than anyone else on his tribe.

But Ben also, once again, found himself facing a second chance to fight his way back in the game in the form of a fire-making challenge.

Facing off against Mel, who had just been voted off the other tribe, both players struggled initially to get a healthy flame started. But in a neck and neck race to the finish, it was Mel who was ultimately victorious, ending Ben’s time in the game, much to the heartache of Shay who was watching on from her tribe.

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