The Selfless Act That Saved King George Is Rewarded With A Tribe Swap Twist

Fans are divided on whether Cara Atchison’s idol play was selfless, or foolish. Saving George Mladenov was an extremely risky move, but it resulted in a shock twist, granting her a new home with the Brawn tribe.

George has been the centre of attention for every single Tribal Council the Brains have attended.

In the first Tribal Council, he had an advantage which completely changed the game, allowing him to save himself and five others from being voted out. In the second, he had an idol which he used to save himself. And in the third, Cara played hot potato with her idol, passing it to Baden and then George, in an attempt to confuse the other alliance on who they should vote for.

“I had a plan that I was going to get to the tribal, pull [the idol] out and then go ‘Oh George, I think you need this more than me’. Hand it to him, and then him go, ‘No, you have it, Cara.’ It’s like doing pass the parcel. Whatever they were planning, their mind goes crazy and then some of them go, ‘What do we do?’” Baden said, during the episode.

“Hot potato at Tribal, it's just going to throw them into chaos and put pressure on Wai to stick to the plan,” Cara revealed to the camera.

With Wai on the fence, they desperately needed her vote in order to keep their Minority Alliance strong. But unfortunately, Joey’s promise of a better life over in the Majority Alliance sounded too good for her to give up.

“I didn’t ask to be saved. You can’t do one thing and just expect that someone is going to be loyal to you for the rest of their time here. So, that’s my decision mate. Good luck,” Wai said as she wrote George’s name down at Tribal Council.

Wai voted against her former ally, George

Then things got highly emotional.

Cara showed just how selfless she is by playing her idol for George. With the four votes on George excluded, Cara and Georgia were tied with three votes each. This called for a re-vote.

In a moment that broke Australian hearts, the entire Majority Alliance voted for Cara, sending her home.

But Cara didn’t go home. After making the kind-hearted sacrifice that ultimately led to her downfall, away from prying eyes she was set up with a new torch, a Brawn buff and a message:

“Your tribe may have spoken, but your game is not over… another tribe is waiting for you. Take this torch and join them.”

Cara finds out she isn't going home, but she's joining the Brawn tribe instead

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In the biggest, most well-orchestrated twist ever, Cara was saved and is now a member of the Brawn Tribe.

But what about poor George, who’s Minority Alliance consists of just him and Baden?

From day dot he’s been a controversial character; a destructive, chaotic player. Who doesn’t love watching that? Right?

So, do we hope the next few episodes of Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn will hold a lot more of George’s hilarious one-liners while he fights from the bottom of the Brains Tribe?

Hell yeah!

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