The Jury Villa: Melissa Chiang Reveals ‘The Weird Twin Thing Exists’

Arriving at the Jury Villa, Mel revealed a very freaky connection between her and twin sister Michelle.

Having been voted out of the game on Monday, Melissa was the second person to arrive at Jury Villa. Greeted by Khanh, and a massive feast for two, Mel was able to enjoy a shower, a real bed and a chat with home to really lift her spirits.

Having also been the full-time camp masseuse, Mel got her own spa day complete with a massage, which she was learning to love.

Mel also reflected on her time in the gang, and the special twin connection she shared with Michelle.

“My sister and I are, obviously, identical twins, and unbeknownst to science we can feel each other’s pain,” she revealed.

“My sister hit her head really hard on one of the challenges and I had a headache the whole day after that.”

Speaking to 10 play after being voted out, Mel actually revealed that during one of the slide challenges she injured herself also and what she initially thought was a sprain was actually a fractured ankle with a torn ligament she sustained on day seven.

“I was going down that slide, I thought I’d heard it crack but then I went, you know what? It’s probably just a sprain.”

Though she told her tribe about the sprain, she continued to press on, hoping the injury wouldn’t make her an easy target.

“I didn’t want to look like I was in pain too much because that give you an option to be voted out so I just played on.”

According to Mel, without having been formally told about the injury her sister Michelle on the other tribe already knew she had done something to her ankle.

“The weird twin thing exists!” Mel said at Jury Villa, adding, “but yeah I didn’t like that headache she gave me. That was awful.”

Catch the full Jury Villa in the video above.

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