The Joker Has The Last Laugh After Mark’s Second Idol Is Finally Revealed

Jordie Hansen’s time in the game finally came to an end, but he may have had the last laugh.

He spent weeks trying to convince his fellow tribemates that Sam had stolen his brother’s Idol, and last night Jordie finally got the satisfaction of not only seeing Mark reveal the truth behind his second Idol, but completely waste it at the same time.

Though most of the tribe piled votes onto Jordie, Mark was completely safe and could have held onto the Idol for one more vote, but as the game nears its pointy end he was spooked into it by Jordie’s signature style of Tribal Council chaos.

With promises flying all over the tribe — Jordie making deals with both Josh and Mark in the hopes that he would save his own skin — sadly, it was the Joker’s torch that was extinguished finally.

Surviving Purgatory, Jordie was able to win his way back into the game, proving once again what a beast he was in challenges. With the help of KJ and Shay, the purgatory three were able to flip the game on its head and chip away at the majority alliance that had held control for most of the post-merge game.

Throughout the game, Jordie tried to convince Mark’s closest allies that he had Jesse’s Idol but, even up to his final Tribal Council, several people refused to believe it. That was until Mark finally revealed the Idol on Monday night.

Perhaps Jordie’s greatest revenge was that Mark could have easily held onto the Idol, with Jordie actually sticking to his word and flipping on Shay rather than targeting Mark.

Though he may have been voted out, Jordie still got the last laugh as Mark wasted the Idol he and Sam worked so hard to keep under wraps.

With the Joker out of the game and only a few days left before the next Sole Survivor will be crowned, can Mark make it through without the aid of his Idols? We’ll have to wait and see.

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