The Heartbreaking Moment Jordie Is Reunited With His Brother At Jury Villa

It was a night of big feelings as the brothers were finally reunited.

When Jesse and Jordie finally made it to merge, the brothers had the opportunity to play as a duo — but their time in the game together didn’t last long. With Jesse brutally blindsided by some of his closest allies, it left Jordie vulnerable in the game, playing from the bottom.

Calling himself the Joker, Jordie thrived in the chaos of his own making, and was able to not only battle his way against the majority alliance, but also managed to win his way back into the game after being voted into Purgatory.

Unfortunately, the Joker was never able to shake off the massive target he had on his back and, on Monday night, he was the latest player voted out and sent to the jury.

Arriving at Jury Villa to a standing ovation of his fellow jury members, Jordie was also greeted by a clearly emotional Jesse who broke down in tears upon seeing his brother.

As the pair had a massive hug, Jesse simply told his big brother, “It’s good to see you”.

Though the Joker was all laughs in the game, Jordie also spoke about the difficult times he faced throughout.

“Me and my brother lost my stepmum just before coming into the show,” he revealed, adding, “dealing with the grief was pretty hard, and being separate from Jesse for most of that time was really difficult.

“I am very disappointed I couldn’t win for Jesse. I was out there playing for him,” Jordie said, explaining that the day Jesse was voted out was “one of the harder days” of the whole game.

Watch the video above to see Jordie’s full experience arriving at Jury Villa.

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