The Best Blindsides Of Champions v Contenders

The Best Blindsides Of Champions v Contenders

The Dethroning Of Russell Hantz 

Not only did the Champions send Russell Hantz packing in their first Tribal Council, but they also sent him, the king of Hidden Immunity Idols, home not only with an idol, but wearing his idol around his neck. Fourth time wasn't really a charm, eh Russell?

Sneaky Steve Gets Surprised 

He was confident that he was safe after joining the Contenders' bromance alliance, and was even more confident that he would be part of the big blindside of the night against Paige. But the women (and Heath) showed they're a force to be reckoned with by booting him out without him suspecting a thing. Better luck next time, Steve!

Queen Tegan Is Overthrown

We didn’t hear much from Benji until Episode 7, but boy did he come out swinging. Determined to take down the power couple, Tegan and Heath, Benji unleashed his mastermind powers on the tribe, tricking Anita, Shonee and Fenella into turning against their ally, Tegan, and blindsiding her.

This wasn’t the end for Tegan, as she was saved by a Tribal twist that sent her to Exile Beach, but she was eventually sent home in Episode 12.

Jackie Can't Keep Her Poker Face

Jackie was seen as too much of a wild card by Mat and Steve and was taken by surprise when her alliance voted her out in Episode 11. Their suspicions weren't far off, as she had been gunning for Mat and had planned on blindsiding HIM that very same Tribal. Well played Mat, well played.

The Tribe Betrays Paige

Earlier in Episode 10's Tribal Council, Paige had talked about how much she trusted the members of her alliance and that she had made some real connections. It was all happy families until she realised that, unfortunately for her, she was being played and the connections she had made weren't quite as strong as she had previously thought. The people she thought she could trust were the ones to send her home broken-hearted - poor Paige!

Lydia, The Physical Threat, Is Removed

Lydia was a clear threat from Episode 1's Reward Challenge, but it wasn't until the first Immunity Challenge after the merge that Lydia arguably showed all of her cards too soon. Shane took the opportunity to take aim at Lydia while she was flaunting the fact that she was a forced to be reckoned with, with Shane managing to turn Lydia's alliance against her. All of Lydia's original alliance turned on her, completely blindsiding her and the Olympian (who is good at everything) was sent packing.

The Godfather Is Taken Down

In what was arguably the most epic move in Australian Survivor history; Benji led his team of mighty ducks to victory as they managed to make a huge move against Mat. Benji, Brian, Monika, Shonee and Fenella managed to keep their major move under wraps, with Mat completely unsuspecting of what was about to happen.

It wasn't until Sharn went to play her idol that Mat and Steve got whiff that something was not right. Benji managed to convince Sharn not to play the idol for Mat, and to instead save herself. A confident Mat didn't play his idol and was sent home with the his idol sitting heavy in his pocket as his torch was snuffed, becoming the third member of the Jury.

Honourable Mention

Heath Showing Everyone How It’s Done

This season there’s been five idols found so far, one by Russell (see above - *sigh*), one by Moana (which was given to Mat *another sigh*), one by Sharn (do we even start with that dramatic idol play?), one by Benji that is still in play and one by Heath – and boy did Heath play his idol well. Heath found the idol right under Zach’s nose without him even catching a whiff, and managed to keep it a secret from his entire tribe. The friendly giant played his idol in a masterful way that got a very unsuspecting Anita sent to Exile Beach and ultimately saved Tegan.

If these blindsides are anything to go by, there’s bound to be plenty more dramatic Tribal Councils to come....