Survivor Speed Round with Ziggy

Ziggy answers some quick questions

Why did you apply for Survivor? Did you apply for series 1 as well?

I applied because I have recently retired from International Water Polo and want a new challenge and am always seeking new experiences. Survivor is a game that is so unlike any other form of competition. It really encapsulates every aspect of life and puts it all into one game. This is a challenge which caught my attention!

What will be your strength in the competition?  

My self-awareness and social skills and my physical ability, especially in water.

What is your Survivor game plan? 

To help my team as much as I can at the start to keep my team strong and my position in the tribe needed. To form strong bonds with all people early on and to gage what each and every contestant’s motivations are. Then to come out of the merge strong in physical immunity challenges and do what needs to be done to win.

What’s one thing people won’t expect from you? 

I don’t think they will be able to envisage me playing people. In real life I am really honest and find it hard to lie.

How did you prepare physically and mentally?

Physically I am always active and have been running lots recently preparing to run a half marathon and then a marathon later this year. I did a few extra gym workouts leading into Survivor and have continued doing my usual yoga routines. But I haven’t really upped my normal routine greatly. I have put on a few kilograms but nothing too extreme has changed really. My normal fitness routine has prepared me enough.

How do you think you will fare in challenges (both physically/endurance challenges and puzzles)? 

I do honestly rate myself in both physical/endurance and puzzle challenges. From the outside it may be clear to the public that potentially the physical challenges might be my strongest asset, but they may be surprised to see that [I’m also good at] the puzzles.

Which part of the game do you think you will be more successful at: the social game or the strategic game? Why? 

Social. I am a Survivor fan but not the ultimate super-fan who is 100 percent confident to strategise, and I certainly don’t have a set plan going in. I do know that I am sociable and that I am generally liked so I will play to my strengths in this regard.

Do you have a limit to what you are going to do to win the competition (lie, cheat, flirt, sabotage, etc.)? Or rather, what is your moral game compass? What are you prepared to do and not do to win?

I definitely know that Survivor is a game. I am willing to lie, flirt and sabotage. I don’t like the word “cheat” but I suppose if it is in the rules of Survivor then it should be celebrated also. I do hold myself to some moral high ground having represented my country over 200 times playing water polo and want to keep my pride to represent my country well in Survivor as well, but being deceptive also comes into playing the game well here. It is super tricky but I definitely think that winning at all costs in Survivor is and should be the way it is meant to be played. I will try and figure this out on my journey through the game, the balance between morals and sneaky game play. Flirting and lying? Hell yes I will definitely do that.

How meaningful is your word? Are you willing to break alliances if it will get you further in the game?  

I would like to think my word is meaningful in the outside world. I can definitely be trusted here and have always kept secrets when asked to and hate letting people down. In Survivor though it will be different if I think it can help my game.

How will you ensure that members of the Jury Villa you helped vote off will still turn around and give you their vote, if you make it to the end? 

I think just being a kind and likable person will ensure that people in the jury (even if I vote them off) will generally like me and therefore hopefully will give me their vote. Playing the game shouldn’t be a big negative but I think if you are a generally unlikable person or someone who is rude and obnoxious then you run the risk of the jury voting against you. I will try and connect on some level with every person in the competition and will hope that each player likes and can relate to me in some way, which will hopefully get me on their good side for the final vote.

Describe yourself in five words:

Competitive, goofy, bubbly, positive, kind

Do you think you can win? What makes you think that?

I absolutely think that I can win. I am sociable and generally well liked.  I am a physical asset and am also pretty good at puzzles, and I am extremely competitive and can’t imagine that my heart will come before my head in this game of Survivor! I truly believe that I can outwit, outplay and outlast my competitors.

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