Survivor Speed Round with Odette

Odette answers some quick questions

​Why did you apply for Survivor? Did you apply for series 1 as well? 

I didn't apply for season 1. I applied for season two because it was one of those things that kept popping up; I'd get people saying, "You should apply, you’re made for that show.” I vividly remember walking with a good friend, I had just returned from my epic run camp competition in Death Valley, USA and had missed the [first season of] Australian Survivor. My friend says, "I've been watching Survivor and they are recruiting for next season". I looked up at the horizon and with certainty I said, "Ok, I'm going to apply, get it and win." It's going to happen. And just like ‘The Alchemist’ [by Paulo Coelho] says, “When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.” And so it did. What will be your strength in the competition? 

I have been training for years as a sprinter, and in the gym. My life experience is so broad and extreme that it really has opened my eyes up to life. So I believe it's a real testing ground for my skills and experience. I think I will be a great asset as a team member and I will also play a great social game forming strong relationships.

What is your Survivor game plan?

Find common ground, connect and make solid relationships. I will work on being an asset to the group. I will endeavour to make a buddy that has my back and vice versa. I aim to build my role as a leader the further I get into the game. What’s one thing people won’t expect from you? 

Despite my physical appearance, I am personable and understanding. How did you prepare physically and mentally? 

I kept training as usual (sprinting, boxing, Pilates and weights). I practice puzzle games on my phone in my free time. I watch survival videos on YouTube, I read psychology books and listen to podcasts about leadership, group dynamics, and personality types. I have started to practice Wim Hof’s breathing exercises and cold shower technique to improve my mental focus. I have set up blindfolded challenges in the park with my son (he loved it). I have discussed strategy with my brother and received feedback on my strong and weak points. I have chatted to my friends who are ex-Marines about how they survive harsh conditions. I have meditated, visualized, used positive affirmations and drawn pictures to reinforce a positive mindset. And yet I know it’s something you can't exactly prepare for.

How do you think you will fare in challenges (both physically/endurance challenges and puzzles)?  

I am anxious to see. I presume I will do well at the physical challenges. Endurance challenges are going to be ok, but my training is more strength, power and speed based requiring different muscle dominance. Puzzles look fun and I have been practicing; if I can stay calm it should be fine. Once I size up the competition that's when I can switch on and really compete.

Which part of the game do you think you will be more successful at: the social game or the strategic game? Why? 

Being social is part of the strategy. I mean you can't have one without the other. So I plan to make good bonds, but know when some bonds need to take a temporary break. Do you have a limit to what you are going to do to win the competition (lie, cheat, flirt, sabotage, etc.)? Or rather, what is your moral game compass? 

I have a moral compass and I intend to keep my integrity. Rather than lie, I would rather not say anything, rather than cheat I would rather play hard and fair. What are you prepared to do and not do to win? I am prepared to ask for what I want and need. I am not prepared to lie, scheme, backstab and cheat.

How meaningful is your word? 

This is something I try to always live by. So I will be very careful in who I give it to. I will try harder to attain trust but not give my final word to anyone because things can change and I have my best interest at heart. Are you willing to break alliances if it will get you further in the game? Yes, if my boat is going to sink and there is a boat ready to have me on board, I’m jumping ship and I expect who is close to me to jump also. But I intend to stay loyal for the most part. How will you ensure that members of the Jury Villa you helped vote off will still turn around and give you their vote, if you make it to the end? 

Because I will explain the why, and how, put them in a good light, convince them I played the game and I am deserving. Describe yourself in five words: 

Determined, Resilient, Loving, Curious, Strong. Do you think you can win? What makes you think that?

Once I said I was applying [for Survivor], the next sentence was, “I will get on the show and I will win.” Once it is said, it is as good as done. I would not have applied if I didn't feel I had the capacity and skill to win. My life has been a training ground for obstacles, personal and social skills. I have shown that despite the many challenges I have faced I have been able to outwit, outlast, outplay. I have survived a lot in my life. And today I feel like I am winning. I did things in the best way I know possible with honesty and integrity so my son would always respect me. In Survivor I plan to do the same, and that Tribal Council will leave me with the votes, the respect and the $500,000.

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