Survivor Speed Round with Kent

Kent answers some quick questions

Why did you apply for Survivor? Did you apply for season 1 as well?

I did. I applied for Survivor as I have watched every single episode. I have yelled at the television and thought I could do better. I love to push myself to the limits.

What will be your strength in the competition? 
Swimming and strategy.

What is your Survivor game plan?

Everyone has a plan. Twenty-three of those plans will fail. I need to survive the first vote, as it is an easy vote to get rid of the old guy. Once I get to the middle, the young will cannibalise each other. I need to survive the early rounds. After that it is the ability to adapt early. Everyone wants a solid alliance and unlimited immunity idols.  You treat those as unicorns. Unlikely but golden if you get them.

What’s one thing people won’t expect from you?

Endurance and competitive spirit.

How did you prepare physically and mentally?

Mentally strong. Physically, kept training and moving. Tried to get balance by using a SUP (stand-up paddleboard). Failed.

How do you think you will fare in challenges (both physically/endurance challenges and puzzles)?

Puzzles: In the last thirty years, I have sat on my loo and done puzzle books. Sometimes I have sat there for hours to try and solve them. Endurance: I hope there is true endurance. The longest I have lasted doing an endurance event is 13 hours 42 minutes. Loved it. Physical: I will give my all, but understand there are younger, stronger and fitter [Survivors].

Which part of the game do you think you will be more successful at: the social game or the strategic game? Why?

Strategic. I will be able to read people. Sense their motivations. Exploit weaknesses.

Do you have a limit to what you are going to do to win the competition (lie, cheat, flirt, sabotage)? Or rather, what is your moral game compass? What are you prepared to do and not do to win?

I won’t cheat. I will sabotage, mess with people’s minds. Messing with minds will be my forte. I’m prepared to do all to win except outright cheat.

How meaningful is your word? Are you willing to break alliances if it will get you further in the game?

My word is my most valued item in the world. However, this is a game so your word is in the context of the game. It is a quandary, but I understand the difference.

How will you ensure that members of the Jury Villa that you helped vote off will still turn around and give you their vote, if you make it to the end?

Own the decision. Justify.

Describe yourself in five words: 

A character, loud, determined, humorous, mystery

Do you think you can win? What makes you think that?

I can win. I don’t lose too many. Need a hell of a lot to go right, but sometimes the stars just align.

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