Survivor Speed Round with Jacqui

Jacqui answers some quick questions

​Why did you apply for Survivor? Did you apply for season 1 as well? Didn’t apply for season one...didn’t know about it! [I applied for season two for] lots of reasons: challenge, money, out of my comfort zone, something to prove.

What will be your strength in the competition? 

My personality and fitness.

What is your Survivor game plan? 

To work on the social side of things, which comes so natural to me. I’m a 20-question kinda girl! [I’ll] align myself with like-minded, physically strong competitors.

What’s one thing people won’t expect from you? 

Considering my mum thinks the softest part of me is my teeth, I would have to say my compassionate side.

How did you prepare physically and mentally? 

Any form of exercise, breathing techniques and trying to see this whole thing for what it is. It’s not forever! Step-by-step, day-by-day! A process.

How do you think you will fare in challenges (both physically/endurance challenges and puzzles)? 

Pretty good. Puzzles, not real sure.

Which part of the game do you think you will be more successful at: the social game or the strategic game? Why? 

Social, definitely! People gravitate toward people they like, and I like to think I’m a likeable character.

Do you have a limit to what you are going to do to win the competition (lie, cheat, flirt, sabotage)? 

Maybe not the flirt part, but you never know…

What is your moral game compass? What are you prepared to do and not do to win? 

[That’s] a hard one really as none of us know how this is all going to unfold.

Are you willing to break alliances if it will get you further in the game? 

Yes, if I have to.

How will you ensure that members of the Jury Villa that you helped vote off will still turn around and give you their vote, if you make it to the end? 

They had to do it too. Hopefully they’ll see it for what it is and generally like me.

Describe yourself in five words: 

Fun, Funny, Chatty, Live-wire, Energetic

Do you think you can win? What makes you think that? 

Yes! Willpower. Been doing it practically all my life!

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