Survivor Speed Round with Anneliese

Anneliese answers some quick questions

Why did you apply for Survivor? Did you apply for season 1 as well?

I applied for Survivor because I am so passionate about the game and have always wanted to play! It is an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful for! I applied for series one and learned a lot from the experience.

What will be your strength in the competition? 

Being underestimated and overlooked in life is not ideal, but it is a real strength in this game. My ticket to winning this is that there is so much more to me than what meets the eye, and being underestimated gives you more room to work your magic and it makes it much easier for you to strike when they can’t see you coming.

What is your Survivor game plan?

Step 1: Gain people’s trust

Step 2: Use that to get rid of them.

It’s hard to have any more of a concrete plan put in place, because you need to be adaptable and fluid. But the main plans I have going into this is to play up my ‘deer in the headlights’ exterior and be unforgiving and cutthroat in order to get myself through until the end. You have to cut before you get cut!

What’s one thing people won’t expect from you?

To be cut-throat and ruthless when playing the game!

How did you prepare physically and mentally?

I have been reading books on influencing people, studying the game and strategies, completing puzzles and attempting meditation.

How do you think you will fare in challenges (both physically/endurance challenges and puzzles)?

I am excited for the challenges and believe I will fare quite well!

Which part of the game do you think you will be more successful at: the social game or the strategic game? Why?

In 2017, they are one in the same. A lot of strategy falls into having a good social game and most strategies are to have a good social game. I think social game is step one and strategy is step two, and I will be able to have a handle on both of them.

Do you have a limit to what you are going to do to win the competition (lie, cheat, flirt, sabotage, etc.)? Or rather, what is your moral game compass? What are you prepared to do and not do to win?

I hope that everyone is aware that Survivor is “just a game”. I believe I draw the line at being malicious or causing harm to people outside of the confines of the game.

How meaningful is your word? Are you willing to break alliances if it will get you further in the game?

My word is not very meaningful, even in the real world. “Oh yeah, sound great! I’ll be there!” often translates into me never turning up to whatever that was.

How will you ensure that members of the Jury Villa you helped vote off will still turn around and give you their vote, if you make it to the end?

This is the tricky part of Survivor, there’s one part in getting to the end, and then there’s the added challenge of winning! I hope this season the jury is full of people that appreciate and respect the game, and this should help my chances.

Describe yourself in five words: 

Competitive, Intelligent, Goofy, Fun-loving, Passionate. Do you think you can win? What makes you think that? 

I think I can win because I will play to my strengths. I will never stop fighting and never give up.

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