‘Should’ve Played My Idol’: Kez McGee Voted Off Australian Survivor Right After Merge

If there’s a recurring theme in this year’s epic season of Survivor, it’s that the castaways just can’t seem to play their idols before getting booted.

Bodybuilder Kez McGee had her torch snuffed on Sunday night, straight after making it through to merge.

“I think that’s everyone’s ultimate goal going on Survivor – make it to merge. We spoke about it so much pre-merge, and then when you finally make it and you get the new buff, it’s amazing,” Kez told 10 play.

But prior to Tribal Council, Kez unknowingly painted a target on her back when she discovered an Immunity Idol hidden across the lake beneath a rock.

George, who was playing double agent for the Brains alliance, immediately went and told Hayley to play her idol for Laura and to put all their votes onto Kez so they could get rid of her and her idol.

“I didn’t know that [George was behind it] until months and months later. I’m a good sportsman so when I found out, I thought it was really good game play, I’m very impressed.”

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In the moment, Kez admitted that she never expected her name would come out of the urn and it was a well-executed blindside.

“It was terrifying. I never thought I would be in the firing line. You should always think that you’re in the firing line, but you never do, you’re just like nah, I’m fine. You get a little bit cocky towards the end.”

With the Brawn alliance putting six majority votes on Laura, Kez revealed that they never considered splitting the votes in case Hayley played her idol on the right person. Yet she was more than willing to play her idol for herself, or any of her allies if they needed it.

“We were all too brawny. I mean, that’s smart,” Kez laughed. “I would always consider playing it for one of my fellow Brawns, just because they were there for me from the beginning, and you build strong relationships. Going through Survivor, sleeping in the dirt and crying together, you’ve built a tight bond, so I would’ve played that to keep them in, definitely.”

But because they never expected the Brains to play the idol for the right person, she kept her idol in her pocket, which she agreed was one of her biggest regrets.

“I was in shock. I did not know what the hell was going on. I was just in a whole other world and thought I should’ve played my idol. Because I had an idol, I was a threat.

“I was sitting there, and I had a gut feeling, and maybe it’s because I had the idol in my pocket and it’s a horrible burden to have and I thought, should I play this or shouldn’t I? And I actually sat there and considered that the whole time.”

Before having her torch snuffed, Kez made one final power move and sneakily handed her idol to Flick.

“Why not kick up some more bull dust? I gave it to Flick because she is my closest ally, such a good friend, I trust her, and I don’t want her to go home. Leaving the game, you want one of your good mates to go through and be safe and know that they can feel safe, so I would’ve always given it to Flick, and party on Flick,” she laughed.

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Watching her Survivor journey unfold on TV has been a fun experience for Kez.

“I get angry at my partner if he doesn’t come sit down at exactly 7:30pm and watch it with me… I think he’s a little bit embarrassed to watch me,” she laughed. “Nah nah he loves watching it, I love watching it, but I don’t know if it sounds like I’m cocky, but I actually love watching myself on TV, it’s so funny... It’s fun to see when I first got plotted against, like, what actually happened and why my name was actually pulled out. And it was cool to see what they think of me.”

Kez came to the show looking for a challenge, and that’s definitely something she found.

“I’m always looking for the next crazy thing to do in my life and I was like, what can I do to help improve my body building, and my mental strength? So I was like, let’s do this!

“It was brutal, but I got out of there and straight away I was like, you know what, body building is still harder. Which is crazy to say.”

Kez missed her home, her family and her partner while she was away. But she said that she learnt what is truly important in life.

“You don’t need materialistic things to be happy. When we were in the Brains camp, it was the worst camp I’ve ever been in. But me, Emmett and Laura slept around the fire, and one night we were just laying there, laughing and talking and it was nice, like we didn’t need anything, and it was just an amazing feeling. But there were downsides as well, like it was freezing cold at night.”

Despite being the first eliminated post-merge, Kez was really happy with how far she went and shared that she loved every second.

“I’d do it all over again no matter how hard it was. You can make it ten times harder, and I’ll cry more, but at the end of the day, it was such a good experience and I made so many friends and it was just the best thing I’ve done in my life.”

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