No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Michael "Croc" Crocker Blindsided With Idol In His Pocket

After making a bold move against the majority, Croc’s attempts to save Ben blew up when the very person he tried to save was the architect behind his blindside.

After the Blue tribe’s blindside of Ben was unsuccessful on Sunday night, the tribe seemed unanimous that they were going to try and get him out for a second time on Monday, even going so far as to throw the challenge as best they could.

But when they returned to camp after losing Immunity, Croc began to hatch a plan to save Ben, targeting Jesse instead.

Aware that Jesse and Sam were the ones who were rallying to get Ben out of the game, Croc approached Ben to let him know that he was striving to get the numbers to blindside Jesse. But what Croc didn’t realise was that Ben immediately went and fed that info back to Sam and Jesse.

It was the perfect move for Ben to prove his loyalty to Jesse and Sam, as they decided to set their sights on Croc instead.

But this is Blood V Water, and every decision has major consequences when loved ones are involved, especially considering Chrissy and Jesse have become so close in the last few weeks.

Understanding that there’s no way Chrissy would go along with the plan, the tribe had to not only blindside Croc, but also essentially blindside Chrissy — the only other person on the tribe aware that Croc had an idol in his pocket.

After Chrissy had found a clue during an earlier reward, she and Croc managed to find a hidden immunity idol and keep it so secret that it never even factored into the plan to blindside him, and the surprise attack went off so seamlessly that Croc’s torch was snuffed while the idol was still snug in his pocket.

While every blindside creates waves, we can’t imagine how Chrissy felt heading back to camp knowing that some of her closest allies had just taken out her loved one, but we're certain things are about to get spicy.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand