Network Ten Unveils Tropical Location for Australian Survivor

With production soon to commence on Ten’s spectacular new family entertainment series, it’s time to reveal where Australian Survivor’s intrepid castaways are about to call home.

The pearl of the Polynesian coast, Samoa has all the ingredients necessary for a luxurious getaway – white sands, crystal clear waters, jungles, waterfalls and lagoons…


But Survivor, the juggernaut that launched a thousand reality shows, doesn’t offer its contestants a relaxing sojourn. Part docu-soap, part competition, part human drama, it pits people against each other in remote and rugged locations where every meal, every bit of shelter, and every luxury is something they have to compete for. 


Set to commence production, Australian Survivor promises to be a can't-miss addition to the legendary format. 

“The 24 Australian contestants we have selected will be transported to a unique and very different world,” Beverley McGarvey, Network Ten Chief Programming Officer said. “They will have to outwit, outlast and outplay to become the ultimate survivor.” Several versions of the Survivor franchise have been filmed in Samoa, proving its mettle as a beautiful, yet challenging location. With fitness devotee, outdoors enthusiast, and avid Survivor fan Jonathan LaPaglia at the helm as host, Network Ten’s Australian Survivor is set to be a winner.