Long Live The King: Khanh Ong Becomes The First To Feel The Wrath Of Merge

As real world relationships clashed with in-game alliances, King Khan’s reign came to an end with his Idol still in his pocket.

With an Idol in his pocket that carried him through more than 20 days in the game, you could pinpoint the moment Khanh realised the math wasn’t adding up, and his closest alliances had turned their backs on him.

On Sunday night, as Jonathan revealed that it was time to drop buffs, both tribes merged into the new Lava tribe and the remaining pairs were finally reunited.

Having played the game separately, all eyes were on power couple Mark and Sam, as they planned to unite their separate alliances to wipe the post-merge game with a majority. But it soon became clear that Mark’s number one target was one of Sam’s closest allies.

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After Khanh had promised Sam his individual Immunity Necklace, their relationship and trust in each other seemed stronger than ever, but Sam had a difficult decision to make: stick with her alliance with Khanh, or crumble under the weight of Mark’s big boy-strong alliance.

Sadly, Sam went with the latter, and Khanh was somewhat blindsided as he once again refused to play his extremely public Idol.

Khanh’s Idol wasn’t the only reason he was one of the biggest targets for the big boy alliance, having won several individual endurance challenges, and showcasing his physical prowess in many tribe challenges, Khanh emerged as a challenge beast.

Strategically, Khanh also had some very strong relationships, and his ability to read the tribe saw him skate through multiple efforts to flush his Idol.

But on Sunday night that all came to a crashing halt after he put his trust in Sam, not realising that even in the game of Survivor blood truly is thicker than water.

Khanh is the second player this season to be blindsided with an Idol in his pocket, with Croc leaving earlier in the season with his hidden Immunity Idol a little too well hidden.

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