“It All Came Down To One Moment”: Flick Palmateer Reveals What Her Final Pitch To The Jury Would Have Been

After a brutal Final Immunity Challenge battle between herself and Hayley Leake, Flick just missed out on the Final Tribal.

“I knew if I didn’t win the challenge there was no way I was going to the final two,” Flick told 10 play over the phone. “I knew George or Hayley were never going to take me to the final two.

“It all came down to one moment,” Flick continued. “I had been through so much out there and I was so stoic for so long. There’s only so much one person can take. I just couldn’t hold on any longer. There was sweat dripping all over my hands, I couldn’t feel my feet.”

Watching the episode back on Sunday night Flick admitted it was difficult to see herself in the challenge, reliving the strain and the moment she knew she had lost her place in the competition.

“They said it themselves; I was too liked.”

Playing a hugely social game, forming close bonds with many of the OG Brawn who made up the Jury, as well as some of the Brains sitting alongside them, Flick was in one of the best positions if she was able to make it to the Final Tribal.

Not having the opportunity to pitch to the Jury in those final moments, Flick outlined what her argument would have been if she had the chance.

“What I would have pitched is; I just went in there and I was myself, and myself got me that far. I didn’t have to try and be something else, I didn’t have to manipulate, I didn’t have to lie or cheat.

“Me being myself, which was just being a good human, got me that far and my story and journey alone — with everything I had been through out there — this sounds a bit up myself but I know I would have had the jury’s votes.

“In some weird way,” Flick continued, “being eliminated was almost a compliment to my game, how I played and the relationships I built with these people.”

After her torch was snuffed, Flick was almost immediately sent to the Jury to vote for the Sole Survivor. With very little time to process her journey, she admitted it was difficult getting so close, then shifting her mindset to select a winner. The choice of who she would vote for was less difficult.

“I voted for Hayley, in my eyes she was the clear winner,” Flick admitted.

“My mind was made up when [George] gave up in the challenges and I just couldn’t get past that,” she continued. “There were a couple of challenges where he gave up and, for me, there are so many people in the world that would give their left arm to be on Survivor. I just couldn’t stand looking at that and knowing what I’ve been through in my life and playing Survivor… I hadn’t given up.

“Watching him give up, it just didn’t sit right with me and, from that moment on I always knew if he made the final two I wouldn’t vote for him.”

While she played an incredible game and made it to the final three, Flick also went through personal tragedy, learning about the death of her mum and making the difficult decision to stay in the game. Now that the series has wrapped up, Flick is only just coming to terms with the emotional impact her experience had.

“When I first got back it was like a big high and I was distracted by lots of people, family and friends that wanted to see me. Now I’m just sitting in everything, really thinking about it, and it’s been tough.

“Obviously I experienced something so traumatic out there and I’m just realising what I put myself through and how much I compartmentalised everything. I’m only experiencing all those emotions now.”

And yet, having been through so much and just narrowly missing out on the opportunity to be in the final two, Flick admitted that she would do it all again in a heartbeat.

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done. No matter how hard it was for me, it was also the most amazing and rewarding experience. It’s a yes.”