'In Shock The Whole Time': Eliminated Castaway Phil Ferguson Reveals What Actually Happened During Tribal Council

The premiere of Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn really hit us with a bang, full of non-stop action, scheming and a huge blindside NOBODY saw coming.

Crochet King Phil Ferguson fell victim to a jaw-dropping tribal council which saw their time on Australian Survivor cut short.

But let’s not forget all the drama that went down. After all – they would still be in the game if not for the play of a shocking advantage.

“One of the things about going into that Tribal Council was that we all agreed that Wai was the weakest link in terms of challenges and also socially, I think she was finding it really hard to integrate herself,” Phil told 10 play.

“So, I think it was really easy for us to say, well Wai clearly hasn’t been performing in the challenges, she wasn’t a good caller and then when she put her hand up to do the knots, I ended up doing the knots for her. Unfortunately, it was an easy plan to enact but of course, George had this other weird plan that he was throwing out there.”

What the castaways thought would be a simple Tribal Council ended up being anything but easy. George had an advantage up his sleeve, which allowed him to save himself and five other castaways. Once saved, they would return to camp and not have the opportunity to vote or be voted for. This advantage changed everything.

“When George pulled out the advantage, it all suddenly made sense. His whole deal around camp - he really did seem to be not much of a team player at that point in time and was walking off and being really secretive and doing his own thing, so it made total sense how he came to find an advantage and also how he was basically able to give a bunch of people immunity. I wasn’t necessarily shocked that he had it, but I was shocked at the way he went about it.”

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George saved Rachel, Baden, Cara, Georgia and Wai, leaving Hayley, Mitch, Andrew, Joey, Laura and Phil to vote amongst themselves.

“I actually felt really secure, I thought I was making bonds with people, I thought I stood out in the challenge. Mitch was the only other name that was thrown out at the time, I think by Wai, and the unfortunate thing was nobody came up to me and suggested [Mitch] was where I should vote,” they said.

So, when it was left up to the five of them to select someone to go home, unfortunately, Phil got four votes, sending him packing.

“I think we were just in shock the whole time and I think that was the only sort of emotion I could feel. Just being there at Tribal was pretty surreal, you know, sitting in front of the fire and Johnathan being there and us all sitting together on the stools, it was crazy,” Phil said.

“I guess I had an idea of how people would see me, and how people would react to me, and I guess I really tried my hardest to prove them wrong and to be myself. So, to get taken out the way I did, it was weird, like my experience ended but it didn’t necessarily feel like it really began.”

Despite their Survivor journey being cut short, Phil said their time in the Aussie Outback was very much enjoyed, with their favourite part being competing in the challenges.

“I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember! The challenges were probably what I was most excited for. I think a lot of people see me on paper and think I'm not somebody who would get in on it, but that’s the stuff that I love! I make stuff for a living, so I love getting hands on. I love exercise, so that’s one thing that I miss having such a short time.”

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And surviving in the Australian Outback didn’t pose much of a problem thanks to Phil’s upbringing in Western Australia.

“It’s really dry, there’s not much moisture and one of the things for me is, I grew up in South West WA, in the country, so that bush environment is all really natural to me. I like being in that sort of environment, but I definitely know that a lot of the others struggled with it because they just weren’t used to it,” they said.

“Having the sun and the heat was great, I loved that side of it all and then I came home to Melbourne, where it’s all cloudy and miserable and rainy,” they laughed.

Reflecting on their time on Survivor, Phil said they loved every moment, from the buggies, to walking as a group into the challenges, getting to their camp and even experiencing Tribal Council.

“Realistically, I wasn’t even there for 48 hours, I was there for such a short period of time that I can remember almost basically all of my experience. I'm just appreciative that I got to experience it as annoying as it is that it got cut so short.”

As Phil’s torch was snuffled, they left their beanie behind, asking that the fellow castaways hang it on a tree back at camp. Phil may no longer be in the Brains tribe, but they will live on through their beanie.

“Yeah, I was like, I made this for the show, I wasn’t going to just walk out and not leave it behind,” they laughed.

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