'I'm Just A Hot Mess': 5 Reasons Why We're Already In Love With Chrissy

Full-time mum and part-time teacher Chrissy Zaremba has already won the hearts of audiences and tribemates alike on Australian Survivor Blood V Water.

Entering the game with her brother-in-law, NRL Superstar Mick “Croc” Crocker, Chrissy’s heart of gold and hilarious one-liners have seen her stand out from the tribe. Here are five reasons why we love Chrissy as much as Chaos Chrissy loves a couple of vinos.

1. She’s Hilarious

It seems Sandra’s not the only queen in the outback. Already dubbed the Crack-Up Queen, Chrissy has us in stitches with her bumbling humour and classic Chrissy-isms.

And while she may not have the best poker face, which is vital in the game of Survivor, her reactions and facial expressions are everything.

Here’s hoping Chrissy makes it far in the game, if only just for the comedy.

2. She’s So Relatable

Unafraid to speak her mind or crack a joke, Chrissy doesn't shy away from saying what we’re all thinking and it’s honestly iconic.

Arriving at the water tribe camp on day one, she realised she may be in a little over her head.

“I am in world of trouble. I’m so underprepared it’s not funny. My fake tan’s coming off. I have terrible footwear. I don’t like the outdoors. I don’t really like sand and dirt and water.”

Honestly, hard relate.

Clearly not the outdoorsy type, Chrissy is already dreading the grueling conditions of Survivor and who can blame her.

“I don’t wanna eat four-bean mix out of a can, I don’t wanna eat rice, I’ve seen the show.”

3. She’s A Little Bit Clueless

Having been roped into the game by her superfan brother-in-law, Chrissy is quite the Survivor novice.

“I definitely would not be in the outback sitting here on this hard log if it wasn’t for Croc... Bastard.”

Arriving at camp with drastically little knowledge of the game of Survivor and being surrounded by superfans and survivor legends *cough* Queen Sandra *cough* some might say she’s in for a world of trouble.

This may be so, but her cluelessness is endearing and it’s so fun to watch her figure out the game as she goes. It’s like watching a child learn to walk; you can’t take your eyes away and you jump with excitement when they take the smallest step. Chrissy is precious and innocent and must be protected at all costs.

Not to mention, she’s already low-key killing it. Stumbling across one of the first hidden Immunity Idol clues, Chrissy took her chance at the first Tribal Council, beating Shay to score herself an Immunity Idol hidden on JLP’s podium. She’s also making strides in her social game, forming bonds with strong players like King Khanh. She may be a newbie but she's clever and that may take her far.

4. Her Relationship With Croc Is So Wholesome

We’ve all heard the typical toxic in-laws trope but Chrissy and Croc are an exception to the rule. It’s clear that the two have so much love and respect for each other and it’s truly the best. When JLP announced that loved ones will be split, Chrissy was absolutely devastated.

“Croc and I have been separated. I’m gutted. I thought it was going to be him and I vs the world. He is a professional NRL superstar and I’m just a hot mess.”

Chrissy’s warm heart and loud nature seems to balance perfectly with teddy-bear Croc's tough guy exterior. They both seem fiercely loyal but are also not afraid to dish it out to each other. Hopefully, they both make it to merge so we can see more of their relationship play out in the outback.

5. She’s The Mum Of The Camp

With three daughters at home, Chrissy’s motherly nature has already shone through at camp and it’s so sweet. We first saw her motherly instincts kick-in when she tended to Alex who had injured his back.

“I’m nervous cause I’m a big fan of that kid. He’s a sweet boy, he’s caring, he’s not loud, he’s not a show-off, he listens. He’s a perfect tribemate.”

As tribemates began to discuss voting him out, her heart sank.

“I feel terrible. How can I write his name down knowing that kid would be so loyal and so fierce?”

Chrissy’s tribemates have noticed her caring and protective nature with some already calling her the mum of the camp. Considering everyone is separated from their loved ones, it’s a huge asset in her social game.

“Here I am, Old Mother Hubbard. I’m still very new to this game. I only have one strategy for this game and that’s to play social. If someone wins me over you’re good, but it doesn’t take much to get on the dark side.”

King Khanh put it best. Chrissy is the moment.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand. Plus, see what James Mathison, King George Mladenov, Queen Hayley Leake and Shannon Guss have to say about the strategy on 10 play’s web series, Talking Tribal.