‘I Will Be Bitter Forever’: Jesse Tearfully Recovers From His Blindside At Jury Villa

It was one of the biggest moves of the game, with Sam not only blindsiding her closest ally in the game, but swindling an idol out of Jesse’s hands at the same time.

As if rubbing salt in the wound, as she wrote down Jesse’s name, despite their alliance from day two, Sam simply said, “thanks for the idol”.

In the exclusive Jury Villa episode above, Jesse was clearly still processing what just happened, admitting he did not see the blindside coming at all.

“I’m pretty pissed off right now… this was super unexpected, I really thought that Sammy and Mark were solid with me and my brother,” he said as he drove away from the game.

The biggest burn of all was that Jesse not only didn’t see the blindside coming but, in the lead-up to the vote, actually handed Sam an idol.

“That puts my brother in a really vulnerable position,” he said fighting back tears, “a little mistake like that and just the way the game works out has put my brother in a very bad position and I’m sure he’s just scrambling, trying to think of ideas of ways to move forward now.”

Arriving at Jury Villa, Jesse was greeted by Mel and Khanh — the other members of the jury — where he finally got to unpack everything that had just gone down.

Hoping to get his mind off the still all-too-recent blindside, the trio went to a wildlife sanctuary where they matched animals to the players still in the game.

Not holding back, Jesse referred to a wombat as Chrissy, “Still cute but… a little bit underwhelming,” he joked.

“I will be bitter forever,” he laughed.

Check out the full episode of Jury Villa above, and see why Jesse chose not to blow up Sam’s game after Tribal Council.

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