‘I Went In To Play A Selfish Game’: Emmett Pugh Reveals All After Being Booted At Top Eight

The self-professed plant-based superman had his cape snatched by King George during Tuesday night’s heated Tribal Council.

“It was head-to-head, it was me versus George,” Emmett told 10 play in a phone interview.

“I had the perfect opportunity to turn the whole tribe on  George  and  Cara  and the entire tribe had a reason to try to get rid of them, because of George  playing the Idol for Cara  at the previous Tribal.

“I felt like this was my time to really strike and to work with Andrew and Hayley.”

During the Immunity Challenge, Emmett, Flick and Andrew were so confident with their plan to vote off George that they threw the challenge by convincing Hayley that all of them should let go of the rope and balance for the remainder of the challenge, which resulted in Hayley taking the first female immunity win.

“I don’t regret it. In that moment of the game, I was trying to shift the heat off me because I won the first three individual immunities. I was trying to share the immunities around a bit, and I was also trying to work with Andrew, Flick and  Hayley to form a physically strong alliance to go to the end because I knew that if the weaker physical players got their way, I’d eventually be going home,” he said.

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But Emmett’s plan wasn’t so black and white. Hayley wasn’t happy being in a top five alliance with Emmett, when she could be in a top four with Wai, Cara and George. So, she and Wai were playing double agent and during Tribal Council, at the last minute they flipped their votes onto Emmett.

“I wasn’t surprised, if I was Hayley, I would have totally done the same thing. I respect her for flipping on me and our alliance and working with Wai, George and Cara. I think Hayley made the right move for her game; she’s a smart cookie and she could read me from a mile away. If she had stuck with me and we were going toe to toe in the immunity challenges, it would’ve been a lot harder for her to win Immunity Idols, wouldn’t it?”

When JLP announced that Emmett was the 17th person to be voted out of Australian Survivor, Emmett said he felt like “an immense weight” was lifted from his “superman shoulders”.

“I was free to go back to my beautiful wife and I felt absolute bliss. I went in there to play a selfish game and try to win everything, and though I was sent home I took a lot out of it. I’ve learnt about myself and my life and being grateful for everything I have… even though there’s a lot more a $500,000 dollar check could have provided,” he laughed.

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Emmett shared his strategy going into the game, and his goal to win at all costs.

“My strategy was to lay low and to try to play under the radar, but I kind of blew that when I took my clothes off and paraded around in my lime green speedos - that kind of blew out the whole ‘under the radar’ idea,” he laughed.

“I guess after that my plan was just to win as many challenges as possible and showcase my skills and try to make it as far as I could before they got rid of me.”

But he shared that making it to the Jury was still a great “consolation prize”.

“Well let’s say it wasn’t my goal to make it on the Jury. My goal was to win, so that was like a participation award maybe,” he laughed.

“Nah, it was nice to come out, I actually came out just before my birthday, so the timing was perfect. I had a few Pepsi or kabochas on Sunday night and had a party for my 31st birthday.”

Emmett revealed the top three castaways he would give his vote to if they make it all the way.

“Number one is Hayley. I think Hayley is an absolute Survivor genius and I think she deserves to win. Number two would be Andrew, because I think he is a really good physical player, and he plays the game honorably and respectably and as gentlemanly as possible. Then third, the bronze medal…

“I’m  going to say George because he finally got rid of me, and although during the game he was my arch-nemesis and still will forever be the cockroach of Bankstown to me, I still love him and I’m glad he made it as far as he did.”

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