“I Want To Be Voted Out”: Alex Frost’s Heartbreaking Plea Denied By His Tribe

Leaving him no choice, a desperate Alex blindsided his own tribe on Monday night.

With the Blue tribe primed to flush two Idols and make some big moves against some of their strongest competitors, Tribal Council was tense. But it was Alex who would pull off maybe the most shocking blindside so far.

As Jonathan prepared the tribe to head to a vote, Alex hesitated before pleading with his tribe, “I want to be voted out”.

Before the very first Immunity Challenge, Alex sustained a back injury on the way to the challenge which saw him unable to compete. Through the season he has pushed through the injury but has been spotted clearly in discomfort several times.

On Monday, he sat out the Reward Challenge admitting that his back had been once again causing him pain. Unable to sit out two challenges in a row, Alex was forced to compete with his tribe in a gruelling endurance challenge where the tribe had to hold heavy barrels. One of the last standing, Alex clearly was struggling with the pressure to perform.

Despite offering himself up to be sacrificed at Tribal Council, Alex’s tribe once again rallied behind him. Much like in the very first Tribal where the Blue tribe chose to blindside Andy over targeting Alex due to his injury, many on the tribe were led by Mark in refusing to write Alex’s name down.

“I really try not to make it an issue around camp and bring it up, but mentally it’s been getting to me and physically it’s just killing me,” Alex explained.

“I don’t want them to feel bad for, you know, voting for me. I want them to. So it’s so hard for me to even say that and like think about it and want it, but like… like deep down I know that’s what I do need and want.”

When the tribe was asked who would be willing to vote out Alex, his tribe hid their heads, as Mark continued to shut down his request, hoping to forge ahead with flushing Khanh and Shay’s idols.

When it became clear that they would not honour his request, a tearful Alex made an extremely difficult decision, telling Jonathan, “I need to leave”.

In one of the most emotional scenes of the season so far, as Alex tossed his buff into the fire his tribe broke down, watching as his torch was snuffed.

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