‘I Should Have Done Things Differently’: Mitchell Shaw Blindsided By His Alliance During An Intense Tribal 

The Brains tribe walked into their second Tribal Council with a whole lotta nerves, secrecy, and a confident King George with an idol around his neck. 

This time around, with George proudly wearing his idol for all to see, a breakaway alliance led by Joey set their sights on a blindside of our much-loved doc, Mitch. But the doctor told 10 play there were warning signs during his final Tribal Council. 

“It was obvious when Laura spoke up about her name being thrown out that there was trouble. I knew if they were afraid that [George’s] alliance was going to come for them, that they would go for the other side of our tribe and, while I was suspicious that they would have known there were plans floating around to kick Laura out, I hoped perhaps they weren’t aware of them,” Mitch said.  

Ultimately, word spread around the tribe and when he knew that Laura’s name was out there, “someone was going to be in trouble.” 

“I didn’t necessarily think that it was going to be me but I knew I would be someone who would potentially be on the chopping block, and so for me I was actually just trying to play it quietly in the tribal so not to scare George.” 

Joey and his alliance strategising to blindside Mitch, while flushing Geroge's idol. What. A. Plan!

Mitch hoped that by remaining silent during tribal, it would keep his plan to vote for George under wraps and prevent him from playing his idol. Then, everyone’s votes, which he thought would remain on George, would get him out. 

“Neither of those things came to fruition so, for me, it was really weird. My only regret on Survivor was not being vocal in that tribal. I tried to stay quiet to not give too much information away and as a consequence, I didn’t get to really give a last hurrah which is a bit disappointing,” Mitch said.  

Throughout the first few episodes, the rocky relationship between George and Mitch was made very clear when they were constantly butting heads. 

“George and I had basically polar opposite approaches to the game. I was initially hoping to go the unity approach for the first little while. I know eventually you have to turn on people and you have to blindside people, but I tend to think the earlier strategy is better if you stick together as much as you can, whereas George’s strategy is very much just to create chaos - I mean he used that word himself many times.” 

George strutting into camp with an immunity idol around his neck.

Despite Mitch and George never seeing eye-to-eye, Mitch admitted during the first few days, he actually didn’t have much of a problem with George. But he was “quite surprised” having watched the show back to see that George had an issue with Mitch from the onset.  

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“He seemed to dislike me with a great passion and so I think, in retrospect, I may have had an inkling that he didn’t like me, but it wasn’t until watching the show that I realised how strong his feelings were after that first Tribal Council.”  

When Mitch realised George had an Immunity Idol around his neck prior to Tribal Council, he felt the game had shifted completely.  

“In the history of Survivor, there’s two ways you can play an idol. You can either play it covertly to retract votes, or you can show it and try to get people to freak out and then not play it hoping that the votes go away,” Mitch told 10 play.  

 “Ultimately, George plays his idol but he plays it unnecessarily. He didn’t cop any votes, the only vote he copped was from me and I felt pretty fantastic about that. I went out on a note of integrity when I basically stuck to the vote I said I was going to do, and I was the only vote of unity in the tribe whereas the rest of the tribe went for division with their vote.” 

Mitch votes for George for the last time.

Mitch enjoyed all the experiences of being a part of Survivor, but when asked if he was happy with the way he played, he was hesitant. 

“The honest answer is I had a great time, but I got knocked out second in my tribe, so I think it would be almost insight-less to say I was happy with the journey. It was a good experience, but could I have done better, should I have done things differently?” 

But on the positive side, Mitch especially loved competing in all the challenges.   

“Everything was so exciting, all the challenges were really enjoyable even though I only really came off second best in most, it was still cool just to be a part of those challenges, especially the immunity challenges where you had such a big set up.” 

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He also shared that he learnt a lot during his time in the Aussie outback. 

“That was probably the best part of the whole experience, I felt like I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt that I’m actually far less willing to be dishonest than I thought. I think I probably wanted to give an interesting character to get on the show, I was going to be a conniving cheeky doctor, but realistically what I found is I really struggled to be anything but honest. If I like someone, I like them, if I don’t like them, then I don’t like them. I don’t like being fake, I’m most comfortable when I’m being myself and I think that’s the ultimate thing I learnt out there.” 

Aside from all the backstabbing, betrayals and blindsides, in the game of Survivor, Mitch said it was basically a holiday on steroids. 

“With all holidays, there’s always something you want to get out of it, right? You want to meet some new people, want to go somewhere new, see new things, you want to have fun and you want to have a story to tell, and so going on Survivor it really sounded like going on a holiday to me - like a really once in a lifetime holiday. You can’t buy your way in, you have to potentially get through a pretty selective process and then the reward is you get this pretty cool experience and that’s certainly why I did it,” Mitch said. 

“So, if you’re holidaying for pleasure don’t do Survivor, but if you’re holidaying for all those other things which I guess is me, then it was a great experience.” 

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