‘I Paid The Price’: First Immunity Idol Takes Gavin Wanganeen Out Of The Game In A Massive Blindside Twist

Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn is only three episodes in, and it has not lost momentum, serving up another huge blindside with an idol twist.

After the Boys Alliance, led by Emmett, Simon and Gavin, failed to blindside Shannon in episode 2, they decided it was time to finish off the job. So, when the Brawn Tribe lost the immunity challenge, they put their plan into effect.

“We couldn’t get past that puzzle and Gerald was stuck at it for a long time,” Gavin told 10 play. “We had a lot of input, but no one was getting the job done. It felt like an eternity that we couldn’t make any ground on and then you obviously start thinking damn, we’re behind the eight ball here, we’re going to Tribal Council and that’s not a good thought.”

When they returned to camp, the Boys Alliance set up the perfect plan to get Shannon out, pulling the numbers in by recruiting Chelsea, Dani and Daini. But Daini had a plan of his own, suggesting they vote out Kez instead of Shannon.

Simon allowed Daini to come into our alliance to vote with us which, looking back on it, was very risky because he was already entrenched in the other alliance and to bring him in so late, there was no way that he was going to give us his loyalty. His loyalty was with the other alliance, he sucked us in, he told us to vote for Kez, Kez pulled her idol which exposed all of us and I paid the price,” Gavin said.

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The sneaky Girls Alliance completely played the boys, with Gavin spilling that “Kez knew we were all putting our votes on her because Daini said let’s put our vote on Kez, I want Kez out, but really he knew Kez had the idol, she was going to play her idol and all of our votes wouldn’t count and then they’d throw all their votes on me.”

The girls successfully pulled off a twist that nobody in the Boys Alliance saw coming, and it absolutely blindsided Gavin.

“I had no idea whatsoever. I suppose looking back on it now, seeing how strongly aligned Emmett, Simon and myself were, I didn’t realise they picked up on that so early, but they’re going to have to go for one of us and I’m the one they went for which is unfortunate for me,” Gavin said.

“I was quite shellshocked because I’m thinking, oh I’ve built enough relationships here, they’re not going to vote me out, but you can’t take anything for granted in this game...and you just don’t get to know what the other alliance are thinking until you watch it on television.”

Gavin also thought that by shielding himself with two loud, strong personalities, he wouldn’t be on the top of the other alliance’s hit list. But he was wrong.

“It was very frustrating to see my name being read out by Jonathan, I was literally in shock mode because you’re there and you’re thinking - nah they’re going to put their votes on Simon or Emmett because they’re a bit more out there.

“I thought, I’m the good guy, I’m going to be okay here, but maybe it was because I was such a good guy, they thought hey, this is a good time to get rid of him, now rather than later. And they had the ace up their sleeve with the idol so they could have gone for anyone really.”

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The moment Gavin realised he was out of the game, he explained, it felt like an out of body experience.

“I was shellshocked, I didn’t show a lot of emotion when it was time to leave, all I can remember was hearing Flick as she yelled out, ‘Sorrrryyyyyy Gaaavvvv’.

“It was in slow motion when she said it, that’s the only thing I heard throughout that whole process from actually having to stand up, to going to get my torch snuffed,” Gavin explained.

“Obviously she didn’t want to vote for me, but she did. I was just numb and felt like time had stood still, so it was a very crazy experience because when you’re thinking of heading towards merge, thinking yep I think I finally understand this game, and the carpet gets ripped out from underneath you way before that, it’s quite a shock to the system.”

Gavin faced the brutality tribal councils have to offer, but he also shared that receiving a photo from his mother during their reward was a standout moment.

“To receive that was quite emotional because you’re out there with strangers and you feel really vulnerable and miss your family. So, seeing that photo of my mother, but also to see the other tribemates receive a photo of their loved one was beautiful because you get to hear their stories and the special people in their lives and how they have been affected. It was really special.”

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While on his Survivor journey, Gavin said he made some lifelong friends and he’s really happy with what he was able to experience.

“I really loved watching the game over the years. While I’m not a superfan, I was a fan of the game and just the conditions that the contestants get to experience, like sleeping out in the sand, no shelter, just having to face the elements and being put in extreme pressure and out of your comfort zone, that really appealed to me.

“But also, the challenges, and the opportunity to get to know people. I thought they were great and we’re going to make some friendships for life which was important.”

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