'I Am Unstoppable': Simon Overhauls His Game With Double Idol Find

"Started from the bottom... now we're here."

In a massive twist of fate, Simon went from fighting to stay with his Brawn tribe to finding not one but two hidden Immunity Idols.

On Sunday night, Simon's head was clearly on the chopping block, with the Brawn tribe reaching a tie vote that ultimately saw Shannon make a last-minute switch and giving Benny the boot.

With Simon clearly on the outs and in the minority alliance on Brawn, he knew there was only one thing that could save his skin for at least one more tribal council.

After Kez played her idol last week, Simon knew it was back in play and did his best to hunt it down.

On Monday his constant hunting was rewarded when he stumbled upon the idol casually tucked away in a tree.

Simon mees immunity idol
Get a clue? Who needs one. Simon stumbles upon the location of a hidden immunity idol.

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Managing to sneakily grab the idol without his Brawn tribemates seeing a thing, Simon's game immediately took a 180 turn.

"This is going to save my life," he said after finding the idol.

Feeling a lot more secure in his game, the last thing Simon expected was to stumble upon a second idol. So after the Brawn tribe won an excellent reward of toasties, Simon innocently went to grab a few hessian sacks as fishing gear.

"I grab the hessian sacks and as soon as I did, I felt a thump inside. Oh my god, are you kidding me?" Simon said.

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"Trying not to be too obvious, I scamper up the back reach into the hessian sack and look what I find. And I can only assume that this is one thing.

"Two hidden immunity idols," he added, "I am unstoppable in this game".

Australian survivor 2021: simon mees double immunity idol
Seeing double. Simon celebrates his lucky find.

And while Simon's lucky second find didn't go unnoticed, with Gerald picking up on his swift moves, the tribe are unaware of Simon's position holding two idols at once -- a feat in Australian Survivor which had only been managed for the first time by the Golden God himself last year.

Looks like things at the Brawn tribe are about to get very spicy indeed.

Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn is on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand.