‘He’s Playing His Own Game’: Mark Wales Makes A Brutal Choice Against His Own Wife

Given the opportunity to reunite with Sam, Mark made a bold play to continue operating on opposing tribes.

As the Tribe Swap arrived, with odd numbers of players still in the game one lucky Survivor was given the opportunity to size up the new Red and Blue tribes and make an informed decision as to who they wanted to join.

It was a massive advantage, being able to select the tribe with more alliance members, a loved one, or maybe to escape a nemesis you had made in the early days of the game.

For Mark, there was a clear decision he needed to make: join the new Red tribe, which now had a majority of his original Blue tribe alliance, or join the new Blue tribe where wife Sam had landed.

With hope in her eyes and a full heart, Sam watched as Mark… chose the tribe she wasn’t on.

Clearly shocked by his choice, when Sam was asked what she thought she admitted, “He’s playing his own game and we’re all individuals as well as partnered up as well”.

Later, Sam reflected on Mark’s knack for strategy and admitted that the last time the pair played Survivor, they were targeted for being a ‘power couple’.

“There’s probably some trauma associated with that,” Sam admitted, laughing.

Mark, meanwhile, said it would have been “counter-intuitive” to have put himself on the same tribe as Sam, as it would have automatically put massive targets on their backs. Instead, Mark hoped the duo could continue to forge strong alliances in the lead-up to merge.

“When that merge comes, Sammy and I are are going to bring together both our alliances and form a tight group,” he explained.

As the game continues, navigating the in-game relationships and balancing your real-world relationships with loved ones continues to bring a whole new dynamic to the Survivor we know and love.

This wasn’t the only time a loved one turned on their closest ally following Tribe Swap. With Mark’s alliance hoping to lead the charge in a blindside against Queen Sandra, Nina reluctantly wrote her own mother’s name down, sensing her alliance was making a move.

In this constantly changing game, it turns out Blood may not be thicker than Water after all…

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