‘Deny, Deny, Deny, Deny’: Exclusive Unseen Clip Reveals If The Tribe Believed Jordie

In an unseen clip exclusive to 10 play, the Tribe react to Jordie's bombshell that Sam stole an idol, but did they believe him?

After attempting to convince the tribe that Sam and Mark both had an idol each, Jordie finally brought it all to Tribal Council.

Last week, Sam managed to swindle an idol out of Jesse’s hands, right before the core alliance blindsided him and brother Jordie. It was a brutal move, but Jesse had the last word when he revealed to his brother that Sam had the idol in her possession.

Since then, Mark and Sam attempted to coerce Jordie into silence, telling him they would work with him so long as he kept the idol a secret. But ‘the Joker’ had other ideas, and he got to work letting everyone one the tribe know that both Sam and Mark now held hidden immunity idols.

But it was unclear if the tribe actually believed him. During Sunday’s Tribal Council, Jordie finally publicly exposed Sam for ‘stealing’ Jesse’s idol, which she flat-out denied. The heated Tribal went so far that Sam suggested her tribemates search her bag — adding the addendum that they could search it back at camp.

Sadly, Jordie’s hard work at Tribal didn’t pay off, and the core alliance once again stuck together, voting him into Purgatory. But did the tribe believe the Joker’s story? According to an unseen clip exclusive to 10 play, it looks like Sam and Mark may have gotten away with it.

“Deny, deny, deny, deny,” Sam said after returning to camp.

“It’s such a foolish thing for someone to do, to give someone an idol just before you go to Tribal Council that the whole story sounded ridiculous,” she admitted. “When Jordie first started to share it, that essentially looked like the ramblings of a mad man.”

Meanwhile, Mark was already processing more strategy, reflecting on how he and Sam had most likely gotten away with keeping the idol under wraps, for now.

“We came in knowing that we were four strong, two couples plus Chrissie and Dave. There’s definitely doubt being seen in our alliance, I can trust Sammy and that’s it. I can’t trust anyone else,” he said.

“They’re going to come for us eventually, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and how. And so timing is going be really critical. We need to figure out the right time to strike, and I think it’s coming very soon.”

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