Chaos And A Massive Blindside Kicks Off Australian Survivor Blood V Water’s First Tribal Council

It was an epic start to the season as not one but two big moves were made during the very first Tribal Council of the season.

Despite arriving in pairs, the Survivors quickly learned that they would be competing against their loved ones as tribes were split into Blood, with red buffs, and Water, with blue buffs.

Before the first Immunity Challenge kicked off, the Water tribe had to announce that on the way to the challenge Alex had sustained an injury to his back, making him unable to compete. With the Blood tribe also sitting one player out, it’s unclear if Alex’s absence was to blame when the Water tribe struggled to make it through the challenge.

Unsurprisingly, the Water tribe would be the first to head to Tribal Council, with a significant target painted on Alex’s already sore back.

But things back at camp took a swift turn as the tribe began scrambling. There, multiple moves began to crystallise as players saw an opportunity for an early blindside.

With Nina part of a Survivor royal family, she had her sights set on returning player Andy, meanwhile Briana and Shayelle had locked onto Chrissy after both Shayelle and Chrissy had found two copies of the same Idol clue which would require them to take a big risk.

Hidden in plain sight in the middle of Tribal Council was the first Immunity Idol, but they would need to be daring enough to launch for it before anyone else got there.

During Tribal, Shayelle made her move but mistakenly missed the symbol she was looking for leaving a split second for Chrissy to leap up and score herself an idol, which she immediately played for herself.

Confused, the rest of the tribe began discussing where their votes would land, with Andy pretty set on the fact that his whole tribe would be voting with him and writing down Alex’s name.

“Trust is always what’s on the line at Tribal Council,” Andy told Jonathan adding, “people that I’ve had conversations with today are people that I plan to work with for the rest of the game.

“If the trust is there, it’ll be demonstrated tonight.”

Unfortunately for Andy, the trust certainly wasn’t there as he was the first person to be eliminated from Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

Calling it the “consummate blindside”, a completely stunned Andy wasn’t sure what went wrong after his torch was snuffed. “I built a pretty good shelter on day one. For whatever reason they decided, you know, I’m the first to go.”

With so many fireworks already, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this season.