Champions v Contenders: Everybody Loves An Underdog

Could an underdog be crowned Sole Survivor?

We're familiar with the top dogs of the season who are pretty much running the show right now (here's looking at you MatSteve WBenji and Lydia), but could some of the more underestimated players of the game sneak up and take the crown of Sole Survivor? 

We've seen it before and it wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen! After all, in the game of Survivor it's not the size or the strength of the player, but how they play the game. Could being underestimated be the biggest strategic advantage these players have?


Before the tribal switch, Shonee found herself in a strong alliance. For 25 days she was on the right side of all the Contenders' tribal votes, bar one. But while Shonee sat comfortably in the Contenders tribe, a few of the Survivors merely saw her as a puppet to use in their grand plans - could she be the threat that no one sees coming?

She's shown that she can be a physical threat (did you see her in Episode 11's Immunity Challenge?!) and now that Shonee has been separated from her closest ally, Fenella, and is sitting in a less than ideal spot in the Champions tribe, we're desperate for her inner Survivor goddess to make itself known and send the Champions packing!

Also, did we mention the look she gave after Episode 12's Tribal Council? This girl means business and isn't going down without a fight!


Shonee’s partner in crime, Fenella, is bright and bubbly. And we think she has the potential to be the Survivor mastermind that all Survivor fans aspire to be. She's the perfect wolf in sheep's clothing and no one would see her coming!

Most notably, Fenella was an influential voice in voting out huge physical threat, Zach. The entire tribe felt uplifted after the ex-gladiator's departure - good move Fenella!


Samuel has kept everyone entertained with his sass and quick wit, but we’re yet to see him flaunt his strategic skills. We've seen a glimpse of what Samuel has to offer after he was an integral part of forcing Shane to play her Hidden Immunity Idol in Episode 6 (even though she didn't need to), but we want more.

We know he has the brains, but does he have the strategy? Come on Samuel, show us what you're made of!


Australian swimming icon, Shane Gould, has shown that she’s here to play and is out to prove that being older is in no way a liability. Shane's been used as a voting pawn by the more dominant players in her tribe, but we're confident that she can play Survivor just as hard as the young guns and may have a few tricks up her sleeve.

After being successful in finding an idol in Episode 6, she's now flying undercover as she plays both sides of the alliances in the Champions tribe. She goes so far as to say this is the move that will take her to the end - look out Survivors, Shane's going for the crown!


He may be one of the physical threats in the game, but the AFL legend is yet to show us what type of Survivor player he is. Being blindsided by his tribe when they sent Jackie home in Episode 11, was like a fire igniting beneath him. It could very soon be his time to shine.

Brian was crowned best and fairest out on the football field, but will he abandon fair play to take down the top dogs in order to be crowned the Sole Survivor? He’s made it clear he's prepared to play dirty to become the sole survivor, so bring it on Brian!

Australian Survivor Champions v Contenders airs 7.30 Monday and Tuesday on TEN and tenplay