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Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn is going to be an epic season, and watching the episodes on TV just simply won't be enough.

We need updates, exclusive videos and hilarious content to keep us going while we endure the long, awful wait between episodes.

Luckily for you, Australian Survivor is across all social media platforms and there are so many opportunities to have fun and get your daily fix of the amazing Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Facebook will serve up the latest content, including exclusive videos with the cast, exciting new announcements, articles, galleries and more of all the best moments you wouldn't want to miss!

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The newest social media platform which has taken the stage is TikTok and yes, we're on there too. Watch hilarious clips of our survivors doing challenges, during Tribal Councils and back at the beach.

The one and only GIPHY profile you need for the funniest GIFs is SurvivorAU. With the best reactions, funniest facial expressions and random moments, you'll have plenty to play with.