Australian Survivor Glossary

Everything you need to know about Australian Survivor


A group of Castaways who band together for strategic purposes


The contestants competing to be the Sole Survivor


A competition in which the tribes or individual Castaways vie for either a Reward or Immunity

Immunity Challenges

Enable contestants and tribes to win immunity from an elimination

Reward Challenges

Offer the contestants much needed opportunities to win luxury items

Hidden Immunity Idol

An item hidden on the island that allows the finder to save themselves or other Castaways from being eliminated. All votes cast in a Tribal Council against the Castaway that possesses the Immunity Idol do not count


The winner of Immunity, whether via a Challenge or an Immunity Idol, becomes exempt from being voted out in a Tribal Council


A group of recently eliminated contestants who will help choose the Sole Survivor among the final three Castaways. The number of people on the jury ranges from seven to ten


The point in the competition where the competing tribes combine as one until the end of the game. Castaways are now forced to work individually

The Jury Villa

A separate island location where the final ten Castaways stay after being voted out. As part of The Jury Villa, these Castaways help decide which of the existing Castaways are eliminated and who will ultimately become the Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor 

The title bestowed on the winner of each season, the final remaining Castaway, as voted by existing Castaways and members of the Jury Villa

Tribal Council 

The elimination ceremony where Castaways are voted out of the tribe. Each Castaway must cast a silent vote to eliminate one of their own


The competing teams in each season

Voted Out 

To be eliminated from the competition. Eliminated Castaways must leave the island immediately, unless they are one of the final ten Castaways in which case they go to Jury Villa 


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