Australian Survivor Brains V Brawn Top Four Castaways Revealed

In a season which has broken Australian Survivor records, delivered epic blindsides and showcased the stories of a dynamic, cut-throat cast, four castaways remain and they all deserve the title of Sole Survivor.

Both King George and Queen Hayley, who have been running the game, are in the mix, alongside Saint Cara and physical beast, Flick.

Each of them has an impressive resume, with mind-blowing moves that still have all of Australia reeling.

But who has the best claim to the title? We’ve compiled all their greatest moves so you can decide who has truly outlasted, outplayed and outwitted the competition.


The minute George entered the tough terrain of Cloncurry, it was game on.

He has one of the best track records of the season, contributing to over 10 massive blindsides, from Mitch and Joey, to Kez and Gerald. He’s also had countless tricks up his sleeve - he found and used an advantage at the first Tribal Council, paraded his Idol around camp, found a secret key and played a hidden Immunity Idol for his bestie, Cara.

Despite being a huge threat for the entire game, he still remains, proving that you don’t need to be fit and great at challenges to be strong in the game of Survivor.

Votes Against George: 11

Immunity Wins: 0

Brownie Points: During an Immunity Challenge, he stopped to help Wai while she was struggling.


Hayley is the phoenix who has risen from the ashes, time and again.

She started out playing an under-the-radar game, and finally came out to orchestrate a blindside on former alliance member Joey. She proved she can work from the bottom when she fooled the Brawns into working with her after tribe swap, and she also wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, throwing George under the bus when she was in hot water.

Despite getting voted out, she got a second chance at Redemption Rock and won her way back into the game, which required a lot of mending relationships and rebuilding trust. She landed a spot as the swing vote, which put her in a great position, and proved herself as a fierce competitor in challenges.

Votes Against Hayley: 10

Immunity Wins: 3


Cara has been a loyal, selfless player in the game of Survivor, which is rarely something we see.

She knows how to play from the bottom, and she hit the ground running when she discovered an Immunity Idol and used it for George. While she saved her closest ally, she sent herself home… or so she thought. Cara was given a second chance and was sent to the Brawn tribe where she used her empath abilities to form some strong connections. So, when merge hit, she and her brawny alliance welcomed in George with open arms. She played closely alongside George, strategically using him as a shield and both she and George played from the middle, being swing votes for most Tribal Councils.

Votes Against Cara: 16

Immunity Wins: 0


Flick has not only been a challenge beast, but she’s been a social butterfly as well.

Being in both majority alliances, and working from the bottom, Flick is great at adapting under pressure. She helped orchestrate the blindside of Gavin early in the game, and she has given her all during Reward and Immunity Challenges. No matter what adversity she faced, be it physical, mental or emotional, she never gave up on herself or the game. When she found an Idol just prior to the top four, she kept it well hidden and used it to save herself.

Votes Against Flick: 9

Immunity Wins: 1

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