Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn Finally Premiered And Twitter Fans Went Crazy!

With one of the strongest fanbases in the world, it’s only fitting that Survivor fans tweeted their way through the entire premiere of Brains V Brawn. To say they were excited is an understatement.

Their opinions were bold, honest and hilarious… so let’s break down the first episode of Australian Survivor season 6 through the best tweets.

It’s set in the Aussie outback. Which is kinda scary…

The love for JLP is unfaltering and never-changing

The opening of Survivor looks a little familiar… Mad Max anyone?

Lol what in the Mad Max is this?😁 #SurvivorAU

The reward challenge is stressful AF

I'm yelling at the TV almost as much as the footy this arvo #SurvivorAU

And what the heck are the Brains tribe doing?

Meanwhile, the Brawn tribe cut through their wood, like, an hour ago

But we are all still hoping for a Brains tribe comeback!

I'm #TeamBrain atm...

But Brawn still end up taking the reward!

All good brains let’s win immunity! #SurvivorAU

George discovers the first advantage of the season and OMG...

And we can’t help but notice… George chose to wear white in the outback!?

And the love for Phil’s crochet hat is hot and heavy

Phil's hat is perfection. It is the real Advantage. #SurvivorAU

That one of the contestants is wearing a crocheted crocodile on his head is the best thing we've seen on any edition of Survivor, so far, anywhere around the world. #SurvivorAU

The Brawn tribe win immunity, meaning it's time for the Brains tribe to head back to camp and fight for their spot. So, who will be voted out?

George might be a mediocre pollie, but his acting skills are worse. The entire well scene deserves a razzie. Please let him somehow, in a survivor first, blindside himself #SurvivorAU

By the looks of it, Mitch targeting Wai isn’t going down well with the fans, with her and Phil emerging quickly as fan favourites


I hate the doctor now. Targeting Phil and Wei. 😡 #SurvivorAU

And now, for the first Tribal Council to commence

God tribal council looks beautiful #SurvivorAU

It’s only the First tribal and it’s 🔥🔥🔥 #SurvivorAU

George walked into Tribal Council without a strong fan base, and walked out with a big following

And their love for Mitch is being questioned

How many times has Dr Dictator said ‘I’ in this tribal about the vote #SurvivorAU

The advantage was played and George walked out of Tribal in a potentially powerful position, while Phil was ultimately voted out

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