Australian Survivor Brains V Brawn: Drop Your Buffs, It’s Merge Time

The battle between Brains and Brawn has just been taken to the next level as the two tribes become one big dysfunctional family.

It’s the moment many of the castaways have been waiting for, having lasted this long in their separate tribes, hearing Jonathan say those three magic words: “Drop your buffs”.

Following the epic blindside of Simon, the Brawn tribe returned to their camp to deal with the fall out of Hayley’s subtle play to also blindside Dani. And while tensions were high, things would soon be flipped on their heads as the tribes walked into the next reward challenge.

As Jonathan revealed they had made it to merge, OG Brawn and Brains members were properly reunited for the first time since the tribe swap.

After their first individual reward challenge, the newly united tribe headed off to their home together, everyone was keen to work out exactly where the power would fall.

Despite a majority of OG Brains members in the merged tribe, George and Cara had fallen in with the Brawn crowd after their original tribemates had attempted to vote them out multiple times.

With old alliances firming back up and everyone sharing intel on what’s been happening over the last few weeks, there was just one final thing to decide: the name of their new tribe.

“What happens when Brains and Brawn gets together?” Dani asked her new extended family.

While there were a few interesting suggestions for their new name — the Love tribe, Unity or George’s favourite suggestion ‘Queen Elizabeth’, they finally settled on Fire Tribe.

Now that they’ve made it to merge, we can’t wait to see how these castaways are going to step up their games and find out who will make it all the way to be crowned this year’s Sole Survivor.

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