Australian Survivor Blood V Water: Briana Goodchild’s Torch Snuffed In Second Tribal

A fiery first elimination saw Briana’s head on the chopping block as her tribe returned to Tribal Council.

Despite a significant lead in the Immunity Challenge, the Water tribe fumbled at the last hurdle and once again found themselves facing another elimination.

Hot on the heels of Andy’s blindside, the tribe looked to Briana as the next target after she had spoken up criticising Chrissy’s performance in the first Immunity Trial.

Clearly aware that she had perhaps put her foot on the pedal a tad too hard, Briana hoped her tight alliance with Shay could save her either by swaying her tribe to vote with them for Chrissy, or in some miracle Idol find.

That alliance became even sweeter when Shay actually found her second advantage in just a few days. After stumbling over the first idol clue days prior, Shay found a hidden Immunity Idol back at camp.

With Chrissy out for revenge, most of the tribe seemed on board with voting for Briana, but the discovery of the idol put a dash of paranoia back into the tribe. As Shay collected it, surrounded by a small group she was reminded that the idol was hers, and shouldn’t be used to save someone else.

But Briana held out hope that if she or Shay were picking up vibes that their names would be thrown out, the idol would come into play, giving them another day back at camp.

Sitting at Tribal, Briana initially felt overwhelmingly confident that Chrissy would be leaving. But as she heard more and more from her tribemates, the suspicion began to creep up on her that perhaps she wasn’t as safe as she first thought.

Realising her head was squarely on the chopping block, Briana attempted to catch Shay’s eye in the hope that she could silently will her to use the idol on her behalf, but unfortunately it never came to pass, and Briana was the second person voted out of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.