Australian Survivor Blood V Water: Amy Ong’s Blindside Blows Up In Her Face

For the second time, Amy’s hopes for a blindside went awry, but this time the move saw her own game come to an end.

On Tuesday night, Amy took aim at one of her closest allies, Jordan, who since the Tribe Swap had been reunited with his cousin Josh. Feeling like she could no longer trust Jordan, and hoping to split the cousins up, Amy began rallying the numbers to blindside him.

But when she took Shay aside to let her know the plan, things began to fall apart as Shay immediately reported back to Josh.

While the vote had initially been targeted on Mel, she could relax heading into Tribal Council as it became the battle of the blindsides, with Amy targeting Jordan, and the cousins retaliating and putting votes on Amy.

Jordan had suffered a major loss during the immunity trial when he singlehandedly toppled the Red tribe’s stack, putting them so far behind the Blue tribe that a win was almost entirely out of their reach.

Hoping to swing some of the other members of her tribe, and showing what clear threats the cousins pose as a pair in the game, as well as physical threats post-merge, Amy thought she had the numbers to make her move happen.

But much like her earlier plan to blindside Sandra, things didn’t go Amy's way and she was once again outplayed.

Unfortunately, this time around, Amy didn’t have an Idol in her pocket to save her from the votes that were coming her way, making her the next person voted out of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand