Australian Survivor 2022: Shock Family News From Home Brings Tribe To Tears

The return of the Survivor Auction saw the tribe earn a little message from back home, and some extra good news for Josh.

One of the final items up for grabs was a letter from a loved one back home, which Shay was lucky enough to snag. But when she approached Jonathan to collect her prize he presented her with a dilemma: she could take her letter (which she rightfully won in the auction) or she could sacrifice her letter from home in order to allow everyone else on the tribe to receive theirs.

Selflessly, Shay gave up the chance to hear from home, and handed out the letters to her fellow tribemates.

No one was more thankful for Shay’s sacrifice than Josh, after the tribe returned to camp following the auction they took turns opening their letters to which Josh found a surprise.

Breaking down in tears, Josh revealed scans showing partner Saige was nine weeks pregnant.

“Your dream has come true,” Saige’s letter read, “you’re going to be a dad.”

Just Josh had begun his journey on Australian Survivor, he and Saige had undergone the first steps in IVF but, according to Saige, during the preliminary tests and a potential operation she had been pregnant the entire time.

Later, at the following immunity challenge, Josh admitted the news had made him even more desperate to be back home and reunited with his partner, but it had also given him even more of a fire to win the title of Sole Survivor now that their family is about to grow even bigger.

Maybe it was the happy news spurring him on as Josh succeeded and finally won his first individual immunity in the game.

See all the letters from home in the video above.

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