Australian Survivor 2022: Kate Tatham Voted Off The Red Tribe After Tense Tribal

A Super Idol, major threats emerging and a live Tribal weren’t enough to save Kate who followed in brother Andy’s footsteps as being the first boot from their tribe.

Just days after Andy was the first to be voted off the season, Kate’s fate lay in the hands of the red tribe who just hours earlier had described themselves as ‘very kumbaya’. But as they sat in front of Jonathan for the first time, things got incredibly tense.

After winning reward, the red tribe put their trust in Dave who had just seen daughter Briana had been booted from the blue tribe on Tuesday night. Distraught, Dave was allowed to head to the Survivor Store where he — along with Khanh — snagged an Idol each.

The Idol came with a twist: if the pair were able to reunite their two Idols it would essentially become a Super Idol, meaning it could be played after the votes had been read.

Confident in his new acquisition, Dave returned to camp ready to take out the biggest target in the red tribe: Queen Sandra.

Hoping to get his entire tribe on board to blindside the Queen herself, Dave unintentionally put a target on his own back, and plans began to be made for a second blindside. As more and more scrambling began to happen, Dave quickly realised his plan may not be as straightforward as he had hoped.

Sitting at Tribal, Dave admonished one of his closest allies, Sam, not realising she had spent the better part of the scramble trying to save his skin and prevent the end to his game.

“Sam’s the social butterfly of the group,” Dave said to a shocked tribe, “she flits from person to person, she’s actually… yeah.

“Blindside ‘juicy Dave’ sort of has a ring to it,” he added.

While Dave’s jab was bad news for his game, it was music to the ears of one player: Sandra. All of a sudden plans to blindside the Queen vanished in an instant.

Unfortunately, the tribe were unaware of Dave’s Idol, which is swiftly played after realising his foot had firmly been planted in his mouth, saving himself from an early elimination. Sadly, it meant that Kate was the first member of the red tribe to be voted out.

In some truly perfect parting words Kate turned to her tribe and said, “Good luck, have fun… I’m off to KFC.”

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand