Australian Survivor 2021: Meet The New Brains And Brawn Tribes 

“It’s time to drop your buffs because we’re switching things up!” 

As always in the game of Survivor, as soon as the castaways felt comfortable in their tribes, Jonathan LaPaglia threw a spanner in the works.

During Monday night’s episode, JLP announced a Tribe Swap that completely transformed the dynamics of both the Brains and Brawn tribes.

“You can never get too comfortable in this game,” Simon said. “And just as I felt like I found my feet, Tribe Swap comes along. This changes everything.”

“Noooo, I just about cried,” Cara said. “Just as I’m finally getting comfortable with my new Brawn tribe – boomerang – I get swapped back to Brains tribe. At least I’ve got my trusted pal by my side in George.”

When JLP announced the Tribe Swap... the shock was real.

In the new Brains tribe, original cool kids Laura, Rachel and Georgia were thrown straight to the bottom, with initial strugglers George and Cara rising to the top, all thanks to Cara’s close relationship with her Brawn buddies, Emmett, Daini, Kez and Gerald.

“Thank you again, Survivor Gods! My guardian angel is here, Saint Cara, and she’s brought some friends and I’m thinking to myself, has she brought me a strong and stable alliance? Cara’s done all my hard work for me; she’s been a super mole!” George laughed.

“On the new Brains tribe, Brains 2.0, we have George and myself - very tight - Gerald, Emmett, Kez and Big D. Easy numbers to pick off: Rach, Laura and Georgia,” Cara explained.

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Because of their trust in Cara, Daini, Emmett and Gerald offered George a place in their Majority Alliance, promising him protection and an opportunity to get revenge on the original Brains members who outcasted him.

“Oh, George. I wouldn’t say he’s someone I can 100% trust because he is an absolute loose cannon, but I do believe in Cara’s faith in him… I think the riskiest play here would be not playing with a player like George. Because if you have George on the other side, I think he’s going to create absolute chaos,” Emmett said.

“I can’t believe how easy it is. I’m feeling Brawnier already,” George exclaimed. “In my mind, I was going, “YESSS! YESSS!” but I had to contain myself. I’m delighted, I don’t need to fight from the bottom anymore and I have gained a position in a very stable majority. I think the new Brains tribe is going to be so much stronger in challenges now. We’re gonna go out there, we’re gonna win and if we don’t, bye Georgia, bye Laura and bye Rachel. Let’s see how they go with being the outcasts for once.”

It’s safe to say that the Majority Alliance in the Brains tribe were happy with this tribe swap, but that’s not necessarily the case with Laura, Rachel and Georgia who will need to fight for their lives.

The new Brains tribe

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Over in the new Brawn Tribe, Simon was desperate to remain Brawn strong, offering a ceasefire to Chelsea, Dani and original rival, Shannon. Because Brawn were the majority, with a 5:4 split, he wanted to pick the Brains members off one by one.

“We have five original Brawn: myself, Dani, Chelsea, Flick and Shannon. And then from the original Brains, we have Hayley, Baden, Andrew and Wai. The original Brawn tribe members may outnumber the Brains, but that means nothing if we are divided as a Brawn tribe,” Simon said.

In his attempt to resolve all past issues with Shannon, Simon revealed he has an idol and said that he would rather a Brawn win, than a Brains, and they can only do that if they stick together.

Ultimately, they all huddled together and threw their hands in, so it's safe to assume they all agree… for now.

The new Brawn tribe

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