An Idol Flush And A Tense Tiebreak Sees Blood V Water V Juice

As the game nears the final days, the tribe finally ran out of Juice as Dave was voted out.

Despite a rocky start to his game, Dave managed to find himself protected by a core majority for a better part of the game. Unfortunately, as trust began to fray with even the closest allies, ‘Juicy’ Dave became the newest member of the Jury.

As he said several weeks ago, pre-merge, it seems that ‘blindside Juicy Dave’ did have a ring to it, as the remaining players finally successfully flushed one of Mark’s Idols, splitting the remainder of the vote on Jordie and Dave.

But when it came time to revote, it seemed as if many players began to weigh up who they trusted more, as Dave found himself copping more votes, ending his time in the game.

It was a huge turnaround from where he was early in the game, when paranoia set in after daughter Briana had been voted out. This lead Dave to have a major meltdown during Tribal Council, where he threw Sam under the bus, accusing her of trying to blindside him.

The meltdown put a massive target on his back, but thankfully he had found an Idol just days prior and was able to avoid being eliminated. Thanks to a rogue vote from Sam on Sandra, Dave also copped the blame for that, and wasn’t able to shake the target off his back until she was voted out a few weeks later.

Making sure to keep his head covered, Dave managed to play a quiet game following his major Tribal outburst, even forming some strong social connections that saw him fall into the core alliance, and sail through post-merge, guaranteeing him a spot in the final six.

But when KJ’s advantage split tribal last week, Dave realised he was on the bottom of the six and flipped to join the misfits, voting Jordan out, creating chaos in his former alliance.

Though he tried to rally the tribe to finally vote out Jordie ‘the Joker’, flipping had exposed Dave as unpredictable, and unfortunately meant that when it came to a tie vote between Jordie and Dave, it was the Juice who was squeezed out of the game.

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