All Stars Premieres Feb 3 And Here's Why You Should Be Excited

It's officially 2020 and we all know what that means... Australian Survivor: All Stars is nearly upon us!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for and we are HELLA excited to begin a crazier, wiser and even more badass season of Australian Survivor, featuring only the most memorable players from all the past seasons.

Some have unfinished business, some have a point to prove, and many have bad blood that needs addressing – on camera.

Here are seven reasons why you should be excited for Australian Survivor: All Stars to drop.


This season is completely unlike ANY other season of Australian Survivor. This is the first time we’ve hand-picked the finest, maddest and hardest-playing Survivors from previous seasons.

With all this in mind, let's do some quick maths...

The best Survivor players + one island + one title of All Stars Sole Survivor = so much strategising, epic challenge battles and the potential for so many gobsmacking Tribal Councils.

2. Some players are back for blood

What will this next chapter hold for those seeking vengeance? After being blindsided, a few players have been waiting for the moment to return and serve up some cold, hard revenge. OG fans would know the major backstabbing that took place between 'allies' Flick and Brooke in Season 1, and Shane and Lydia in Season 3. Let's hope Brooke and Lydia don't hold grudges, because who wouldn't love to see some players getting even!

3. Past winners have a shot at winning... again!

In some shows, if you win once, you don't normally get a chance to win again. Well, Survivor: All Stars doesn't discriminate and so far, it's been revealed that not only one, but two past winners have re-joined the game for another crack at the crown - but will they get as far they did before? And will we see any more Survivor royalty?

 4. Our main man, JLP is back

The only host we've ever wanted and needed for Australian Survivor is JLP, and he's back where he belongs for All Stars. That means he'll be gracing our screens several nights a week with more brutal challenges and words of wisdom during Tribal Councils.

5. It's going to be more intense than any other season

If the already announced All Stars are anything to go by, some serious strategic game players are coming back and are ready to take the crown (*ahem* here's looking at you David, AK, Nick & Harry). So expect the gameplay, alliances and blindsides to be a whole lot bigger and better, and brace yourself for the best season yet.

6. It's the first of two seasons in 2020

We aren't stopping at Australian Survivor: All Stars. That's right, later this year we have another Survivor season coming out - can you handle it?

7. Australian Survivor: All Stars premieres 7.30 Monday February 3

So let the countdown begin!