‘All I Had To Do Was Tell A Lie’: Jay Bruno Reveals His One Mistake He Believes Cost Him The Game

Having a secure spot in his alliance, Jay thought he was on top of the game, but one conversation with Sandra Diaz-Twine changed all of that.

From the outside, the red tribe has had a somewhat erratic approach to their votes, but Jay said there was a clear pattern that as soon as someone lost their partner in the game, a massive target appeared on their back.

Seeing that Alex had left the competition, on Tuesday night Jay realised his days could be numbered.

“I knew I was vulnerable,” he told 10 play, “it’s nearly like all the connections you make cut in half. Like you become really close with three or four people that have their loved ones in there, then all of a sudden your loved one goes and you're nearly worthless. Two is better than one.”

Early in the game, Alex injured his back and struggled through challenges for as long as he could, until he made the decision to leave the game on Monday night.

“Seeing Alex injured was hard because I knew how much he wanted to go on the show,” Jay said. Despite being on opposing tribes, Jay never saw Alex’s injury as an advantage for his tribe.

“The pattern was always weighing over me, saying look at exactly how the votes are going. People are voting out people that have lost someone… so I just felt like it’s coming for me.”

When Amy found a hidden Immunity Idol at camp, there was a change in the dynamic and she set her sights on one of the most dangerous players in their tribe: two-time Survivor US winner Sandra.

Jay admitted that during their time in the camp, many of his tribemates didn’t see Sandra as a massive threat, wondering how she had managed to win two seasons in the past.

“When you’re out there, what you feel and see is what you feel and see, she definitely didn’t seem like she was playing as hardcore of a game,” he said.

But with a faction of her tribe aiming to blindside her, Sandra did what she did best and sniffed out where the attack was coming from. This, Jay said, was where things fell apart for him.

“This was my one Survivor mistake that I will always remember. Sandra came up to me and asked who the vote is on, is it on Dave? And I clearly was trying to save Dave numerous times at Tribal Council,” he explained.

“I looked at the floor and didn’t talk and she goes, ‘Well, now I know the vote’s on me. That’s all I needed to know,’ and walks off.

“I remember thinking in my head, all I had to do then was tell a lie! All I had to do was say Dave! I think that got her… I think she knew after that.”

As Sandra has said many times in the game, if someone writes her name down she’ll gun for them. Knowing Amy and Jay were attempting to get her out, and with Amy’s hidden Immunity Idol not so hidden within the camp, the plan was hatched to flush the Idol and create a crack in their alliance.

“This is where she is the Queen, and an unbelievable player,” Jay said, “she knew I was going to vote for her. That was my biggest Survivor mistake.”

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