A Shock Double Tribal Sees Two More Players Head To Purgatory

So nice they voted twice, but two players still have a chance to get back in the game.

Last week, after the tribe voted Shay out of the game, she was offered an opportunity to head to ‘purgatory’, where her game could potentially continue.

On Sunday night, we finally saw a bit more about what that meant for Shay, as she was dropped in the middle of nowhere, alone, with very little resources and no clue what was in store for her. Later, finding a clue, Shay realised that she would soon be joined by some company where they would go head-to-head in some way to get back in the game. But not everyone would make it.

Back at camp, the other players had no idea about Shay’s fate, so when they returned to Tribal Council, they were shocked to see that the jury still only had three members.

But the tribe weren’t distracted for long, as once again Mark and Sam were up against Jordie as he fought ferociously to convince the core alliance that the power couple were dual-wielding immunity idols.

Though things got tense, Jordie hoped he had done enough to convince even a few of his fellow tribemates to swing over and vote with him, but sadly they stuck to their alliance and he was voted out of the tribe.

Relieved, as the tribe began to get up and grab their torches, before JLP interrupted, saying, “Tonight… you are voting out one more person. Right now.”

Without any time to scramble, the vote kicked off right away, with the tribe hoping to flush either Sam or Mark’s idols this time around, but ultimately it was KJ who paid the ultimate price.

After copping rogue votes at almost every tribal since the swap, KJ’s torch was finally extinguished, but her time in the game was not yet over.

Seeing a confused Jordie waiting for her, the pair read the awaiting message that directed them to purgatory, where a very lonely Shay would be waiting.

What will the trio face in order to earn their spot back in the game? After the fireworks that went off in the last two Tribal Councils, we can’t wait to see the tribe’s face when they realise someone is coming back home with them very soon.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday - Monday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand