A Post-Tribal Twist Gives Shay A Second Chance To Get Back In The Game

It was a vote that could have sealed the rest of the game, but a post-Tribal twist saw Shay receive some very good news.

Despite Jordie’s best efforts to seek revenge on the ‘committee’ alliance that brutally blindsided his brother Jesse, the core alliance stuck to their guns and shook off the news that both Mark and Sam have Idols in their pockets.

Following Jesse’s blindside, Jordie was informed that his only shot at staying in the game was if he was able to win individual immunity. So, he went to battle, and after a monumental effort, managed to earn himself immunity for the second time in a row.

Shay put up a great fight, knowing her head was on the chopping block, and pushed herself to her absolute limits, briefly fainting after she was taken off the challenge.

Back at camp, the alliance saw Jordie’s win as an unfortunate obstacle, but set their sights on voting out challenge beast Shay while they had the chance.

Hoping to turn the tide of the game and rally the remaining singles at camp, Jordie spread the news of Sam’s newly-acquired Idol she swindled form his brother, making Mark and Sam not just a power couple but a dual-Idol wielding power couple.

Though it shook up a handful of players, it ultimately wasn’t enough to crack the alliance, and Shay was voted out of the tribe… but not out of the game.

After Jonathan snuffed her torch, Shay approached a stone with a message that read:

Your torch may have been snuffed but your fate is not sealed. Follow this path to purgatory for a chance to bring your game back to life.

With the alliance happily in the majority, there will be some very unhappy campers if Shay is able to earn her way back in the game, tipping the balance out of their hands once again.

But what will she have to do to earn her way back in the game? We can’t wait to find out.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday - Monday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand