A Perfect Blindside Goes Awry And KJ Austin Gets A New Tribe In Shocking Tribal Council

It was the perfect opportunity for a blindside, but the game had other ideas when a secret advantage was thrown in the mix.

On Sunday night, during the Immunity Challenge, the tribes were told that the winners would not only receive immunity but also an advantage in the game.

Unfortunately for the Blue tribe, despite having a massive advantage, they faltered at the final hurdle and were headed to Tribal Council, giving Red immunity and the advantage.

Back at came, Jesse and Sam hatched the perfect blindside, setting their sights on Ben in the hopes of taking out one of the biggest threats before he could be reunited with Shay post-merge.

Working some of their hesitant tribemates, the duo found the numbers to pull off the blindside and Jesse’s big move was ready to go off without a hitch. That is, until they arrived at Tribal.

As Jonathan welcomed the Red tribe in as spectators — part of their advantage — he also informed the Blue tribe that they would be heading to a vote immediately, without explaining why the other tribe were there.

As the votes were counted, Jesse’s plan was executed perfectly as Ben copped the majority of the votes, while Khanh once again avoided having his idol flushed and KJ also received one rogue vote.

Then, Jonathan asked the Red tribe to explain the second part of their advantage. From the three people who had received votes, the Red tribe would be voting to select who they wanted to bring over to their tribe.

With Shay desperate to be reunited with Ben, she saw him as the obvious choice, but the rest of the tribe had other ideas, pulling KJ over for a new life as a member of their tribe.

The move was totally reminiscent of Tribal Council a few weeks earlier when KJ’s sister Sophie fared a similar fate, suffering a blindside that saw her saved and sent over to the other tribe, however this time KJ was selected by the tribe, and received a much warmer welcome.

With Ben now fully aware of his tribe’s efforts to vote him out, and Shay denied the reunion she was so hopeful for, things back at camp are sure to get very feisty back at both camps.

We can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand