A Hidden Advantage Throws The Core Alliance Into Chaos

After winning their place back into the game, the so-called ‘misfits’ promised to stir up the game, and thanks to a hidden advantage they did just that.

On Sunday night, the core alliance went into what they expected to be another tribal council where they would remain six strong. But KJ had other ideas.

During the Survivor Auction, KJ bid on what she thought was just a nice refreshing cup of tea, but within the tea set was a hidden advantage that gave KJ the power to send three people back to camp from tribal, making them immune from the vote, but they would also not take part in the vote.

Sending Chrissy, Mark and Josh back to camp, KJ, Shay and Jordie hoped that they had done enough to swing ‘Juicy’ Dave to vote with them. Explaining why she kept the misfits at tribal, KJ admitted that if she have left Dave with his alliance, she assumed he wouldn’t have made it through the vote.

All eyes immediately turned to Sam, who had been battling uphill ever since she and Jordie clashed over the idol she stole from Jesse. With Sam’s alliance still not entirely believing Jordie, the pair once again went at it, but Sam wanted the tribe to know that before he left for camp Mark had slid her ‘his idol’.

But it wasn’t Sam that needed to be worried, with Jordie, KJ, Shay and Dave all voting to send Jordan packing, ending his time in the game and creating a 4-4 divide back at camp.

Following the vote, Sam picked up her bag and admitted she was bluffing about having the idol.

With Jordan now the newest member of the jury, that means Sam and Mark are the only couple remaining in the game, and with an idol in each of their pockets they may be unstoppable as we inch closer to the pointy end of the competition.

Have the misfits done enough to shake up the game? Or will the core alliance come back with a vengeance?

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water continues Sunday - Monday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand