A Fierce Battle At Tribal Council Not Enough To Save Mel Chiang From The Boys’ Club

Despite an impassioned plea during what would be her final tribal council, the boys’ club weren’t budging.

After 26 days in the game, Mel and her twin sister Michelle were finally reunited as the tribes merged, but it sadly wasn’t for long.

With the boys’ club alliance firmly calling the shots, Mel and Michelle were informed that they would both be the targets of a split vote.

Refusing to surrender to their fate without a fight, Mel ignited a spark in the tribe, drumming up what Josh would later refer to as the ‘floaters’, and putting a target on Josh’s back instead.

Noting the physical dominance, and the way he had established himself as the head of the alliance, Mel asked the tribe why she and her sister were deemed threats when the boys’ club was clearly in control of the game.

Despite an impassioned battle between herself and Josh during Tribal Council, sadly it seemed to fall on deaf ears as the tribe continued to follow the boys’ club’s wishes, and split the vote on the twin sisters.

With so many strong personalities vying for the top spot of the big boys’ alliance, will they be able to continue dominating the game? Or will their empire fall?

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