A Brutal Blindside And An Idol Swindle Sees Jesse The Kid Voted Out Of The Committee

Putting all his trust, and a hidden immunity idol, into the hands of his closest ally, Jesse Hansen faced the brutal consequences.

After his brother Jordie won individual immunity, the brothers felt like they were sitting at the top of the food chain, having also found a clue to a hidden immunity idol after winning the reward challenge.

With the core alliance, aka ‘the committee’ already facing a breakdown, there were two clear paths for voting with the brothers taking aim at Josh, but Mark had other plans.

Letting Josh know their plan, Mark then offered up Jesse as collateral damage to Jordie exposing Mark’s idol earlier in the game. Josh agreed to act as if he had no idea of the move against him, putting his faith in Mark and his alliance to blindside the blindside.

Noticing the camp was a little too calm for comfort, Jesse set out to find the idol mentioned in the clue he and his brother had found, and was successful. Thinking that he had successfully found the idol in secret, Sam surprised Jesse as he was attempting to stash the idol down his shorts.

In a move of pure strategic genius, Sam was able to convince Jesse that everyone would be laser-focused on him when he returned, and if the idol was too obvious, they’d all know he had found it. So she offered to take it off his hands, stash it for him and return it to him… after the vote later that night.

Having been a tight two since the second day of the game, Sam obviously felt terrible about blindsiding her closest ally in the game (after her husband), but managed to swindle the idol out of his hands without ever letting on that Jesse was the target for the vote.

And so, during Tribal Council, without an idol to play Jesse became the third member of the jury.

Before offering up his torch to Jonathan to be snuffed, Sam hugged Jesse attempting to explain that he took the fall because his brother had been ‘telling porky pies’. Not letting her off the hook that easy, Jesse asked if she would be giving Jordie the idol, or would he need to 'burn her' then and there.

Before leaving, he gave his brother one last hug, whispering “she has the idol”.

With the committee firmly in a downward spiral, we can’t wait to see what the next meeting looks like back at camp.

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