11 Of Our Favourite Big Moves In Australian Survivor

With Australian Survivor: Blood V Water bringing out some mega strategic plays, we take a look back at some of our favourite moves from the series.

From blindsides to idol bluffs, bamboozles to strategy gold, here are just some of our favourite moves from Australian Survivor.

Sam’s Idol Swindle And Blindside Coup

We have to kick it off with the most recent, and possibly greatest, betrayal of all time. With George Mladenov christening Sam’s move as the greatest strategic play in Australian Survivor history, Sam certainly showed she knows how to Outwit and Outplay in two swift moves.

Though Jesse may have been Sam’s closest ally outside of husband Mark, when her core alliance turned their targets on him, Sam knew what she had to do. Discovering Jesse as he found a hidden immunity idol, Sam’s strategy kicked into overdrive as she convinced him to hand over the idol so no one would suspect he found anything… and then, with his idol still tucked away in her possession, Sam assisted in Jesse’s blindside saying, “Thanks for the idol” as she wrote his name down.

Benji’s Tribal Council Bamboozle

In the first Champions V Contenders season, Benji showed his strategic side when he managed to confuse Sharn as she stepped up to play an idol on Mat Roger’s behalf. Having orchestrated a blindside on Mat, when Sharn went to play the idol for him Benji piped up telling Sharn she was “being played”.

Clearly startled by the outburst, Sharn reluctantly changed her mind and played the idol for herself, not only wasting the idol but also aiding in Mat’s blindside. What Sharn didn’t realise was that Mat had his own idol in his pocket which he sadly left the game with.


JLP loves throwing a spanner in the works. In 2017, after Tara had been voted out, just before he extinguished her torch Jonathan revealed that the tribe would be voting for a second time, immediately with no time to discuss.

Thinking on her feet, as Ziggy approached the urn to vote for a second time she loudly proclaimed, “I’m sorry Anneliese, but I am voting you,” so that the rest of her tribe could hear exactly where she was placing her vote. As her allies stepped up, they too proudly announced their votes for a shocked Anneliese.

Shane’s Sit-Out Bench Blindside

In a clash of the Olympians, Shane Gould took out Lydia Lasilla casually from the sit-out bench in the first individual immunity challenge post-merge in Champions V Contenders. While Lydia was busy once again proving her strength in challenges, placing second in the endurance challenge, Shane was organising numbers.

Even though Lydia was still hanging onto a pole in the hopes that she could win individual immunity, Shane was already plotting against her, rallying Mat Rogers to get their alliance to blindside Lydia and take out one of the strongest competitors.

Australian Survivor Shane Gould

The Golden God’s Faux Idol

We’ve seen players attempt to create fake idols in the past, but in Champions V Contenders 2, the Golden God pulled off one of the best Idol swindles ever. This season, the hidden immunity idols came with a twist: they had to be traded with a member of the other tribe for it to have any power. Knowing that there was someone on the Champions tribe who also would have a similar idol that needed to be traded, Shaun put his faith in David and the pair swapped idols. But what Shaun didn’t realise was that David’s idol was actually a fake, using a jewel he had chipped off a reward box.

Unfortunately, once Shaun realised what David had done, the already growing target on the Golden God’s back just increased tenfold.


David’s Revenge On Daisy

When players returned for All Stars, and their second shot at the title of Sole Survivor, many of them were out for revenge. Lydia made sure to get Shane out for her blindside, and David had unfinished business with Daisy Richardson.

Despite being in an apparent alliance with Daisy, David was playing both sides and had snuck info to his secret ally in Mat Rogers. Convincing Brooke to play an idol for himself, and convincing Mat to play an idol for Jacqui, Daisy was knocked out of the game in a shock move. And the Golden God proved himself to be a triple threat when he brought out his best acting skills, pretending he had no idea of the move he helped orchestrate.

daisy richardson blindside david genat

Twice The Burn For Simon

What’s worse than being voted out with an idol in your pocket? Just ask Simon from Brains V Brawn who felt exactly what it’s like to be blindsided with TWO idols in his possession, making him the first in Australian Survivor history to be voted out with two idols.

Current reigning sole survivor Hayley was not only able to work with Simon’s closest ally Dani to vote against him and his two idols, but Hayley also used the vote to spook Dani by writing her name down, just to make sure she knew where the power lay, just in case Simon played his idol… or one of them, at least.

Australian Survivor Simon Mee blindside

Best Frenemies

They were best friends since day one, but that didn’t stop Flick from pulling off one of the best blindsides in 2016’s season. Thinking that her alliance were targeting El, Brooke had no idea that bestie Flick had flipped, and was working with the minority alliance to blindside Brooke.

But Brooke had the last laugh when the pair were reunited for All Stars, and she got the opportunity get her revenge, blindsiding Flick and evening the score.

Champagne For My Real Allies, Real Pain For My Sham Allies

When Luke struck gold at the auction in 2017, he forged the ‘champagne alliance’ with Tessa and Michelle. The unlikely trio immediately set their sights on the Zen Hen, who had been one of the more dangerous and strategic players of the season so far.

With Tessa clearly fighting from the bottom, she managed to convince people in the majority to flip, and blindside Henry while he had an idol in his pocket. The move was such a surprise that even when Henry’s ally Locky implored him to play his idol, Henry stuck to his guns, only to see his name pulled from the urn and ending his time in the game.

Jericho’s Fiery Pitch

In a massive gamble, in his 2017 season, Jericho knew his back was up against the wall when it came to the final three. Hoping to edge out Michelle in a fire-making challenge, Jericho was able to convince Tara to split the votes and force the tiebreaker that saw him quite literally smoke Michelle out of the competition, leaving him alongside Tara and Peter in the finale.

The move essentially saw Jericho increase his chances at winning the title of Sole Survivor tenfold, not only showing off his fire-making skills, but also convincing Tara to vote with him despite him being one of the biggest threats remaining in the game.

Fire-Challenge Australian Survivor Jericho Michelle

Between A Rock And A Paper And A Scissors

Snagging a very public immunity idol that was hidden at a challenge, Hayley was backed into a corner as she and Baden were both in the minority of their new tribe. But that didn’t stop Hayley from giving it her best shot as she told the majority Brawn alliance that she would be playing rock, paper, scissors with Baden to see who she’d play the idol for that night.

With Brawn realising there’d be a 50 percent chance they’d misfire a split vote, and the Brains minority could chip away at their numbers, the Brawns imploded, much to Hayley’s delight. The scramble that took place became so great that Hayley ultimately didn’t even need to play her idol, knowing she and Baden were no longer at risk.

With Australian Survivor: Blood V Water only getting more tense we can’t wait to see what other massive moves are in store.

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